25/06 E-tip load ?


Feb 13, 2012
Just bought some Nosler E-tip 100 gr bullets for my 25/06 and am trying to find a good load for my Ruger #1 with a 26 inch barrel. I checked my lastest Nosler reloading manual and can not find any loading data at all useing the E-tip bullet. Thanks
Use the mid-range charge as the maximum for a given powder listed in the manual. Allow at least 0.050 inches jump to the lands. You'll likely find the best accuracy at or near 0.100 inches off the lands.
You are most welcome. Let us know how your load development goes.
Looking forward to seeing how it works out in your rifle.. I would like to work with the ET a little in the future.
Ditto to what DrMike said. The E-Tips like a lot of jump so start at .100" off the lands.

Jim and Doc are right on - plenty of jump. I'll also suggest the slowest appropriate powders for the combination tend to give me the best results, too.