257 Wby and 90gr Hammers


Mar 23, 2017
My Lee crimp die showed up the other day from Midway. This morning I set out to pressure test the 90’s. I’m using 1x Peterson brass , Fed 215 and RL26. I started at 71grs and went to 78grs. Set the COAL to 3.200” and 1/4 turn crimp.
Results are a surprise. I topped out over 4000 fps. The 78gr load does show a slight cratering on the primer had easy bolt lift , I thinking that’s far enough. Compared to Fotis’s load he posted at 72grs , my lot of RL26 is slower. This spring I’m going to put the 76gr load on paper and hope it works.
I’m curious how accurate these will be driven down the barrel at 3900 on several bands touching the rifling. Almost everyone that has tried them are impressed with them hopefully me to😁
They shouldn't be a problem. I'm shooting Hammers in my 223, 22-250, 243 and 280, all of them shoot bug hole groups. Easiest load development I've ever had as well.
What is the feedback on taking game with these light Hammer bullets in a 257 Roberts or Ackley?
Man that’s screaming! They do generate some impressive velocities. I think you’ll have an easy time finding an accurate load. I followed Steve’s method and it worked quite well. The LFCD does have a lot of supporters in the hammer crowd. I use it with mine and say anything negative about it.