270 150 gr Speer Hot-Cor


May 13, 2020

My son and I went out and tried a milk jug test. The 150 gr Speer did as well as almost any other bullet we have tested. Gave me a renewed appreciation for the ol 270!!

Forgot the second pic.
That will work for a lot of game even up to moose sized animals. Classic Speer expanded bullet.
What is even better about this bullet / load combo is that it will shoot 3/4 inch at 100 yds. This is my first experience with Speer bullets and I have been impressed.
Penetration is excellent on that bullet at those velocities. Thanks for posting. I've always had good success with Speer bullets.
DrMike I bought these bullets because my LGS had a box of 100 for $15!! I wanted to try a flat base 150 gr in the 270. So far I had only shot 130's. I also had an inkling that if these "cheap ol Speers" would shoot accirately then I could try some Nosler Partition 150 later. However the accuracy and the result of this test have impressed me quite a bit. I do believe I am going to load these in the 270 for this upcoming deer season.
I've used a lot of Speer Hot-Cor bullets over the years; and there is a good representation in a variety of calibres on my shelves--all eighteen of them!
Thanks for posting! I have liked Speer's flat-base Hot Core bullets for a very long time. For me they've been reliable bullets I could always afford to both practice and hunt with.
I've had very good results with the hot cor. 140 grain in 6.5 mm and the 160 grain in the 275 rigby. Have some grand slams loaded in the rigby for this fall also.

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In my experiences Hot Cor bullets perform at a level well past their price point. I’ve had great luck with the 160gr Hot Cor in 7mm magnums. I’ve had good performance in all the calibers I use them in actually.