280AI data


Jun 12, 2009
Finally got around to chono few loads. Rifle, Rem action, 27" Lilja 1/9 twist barrel, Peterson brass, R-26, long throated. I used Nosler data for 175grABLR. My start load was 55.5/R-26 @2715fps, book load was 2697fps and I worked up to max 59.5/R-26 @2941fps. Its hunting rifle so 3 shot groups 1/2" 100yd and just under 1" 200yd.

Co DOW has rifle range about same elevation 7700ft as I live but it's in same game unit I hunt so makes good place to test loads. I'll take few shot around 10K and decide.
That's an impressive load. It will definitely hammer elk.

Ain’t nothing wrong with that combo. The 175’s are working excellent on paper from the Mashburn at 3072….
That’s impressive performance with a 175gr bullet. The 280 AI provides service far beyond what most would think. Your gettin 7RM velocity with that 175 with 8 grains less powder. I’m getting great accuracy and acceptable velocity with 175gr ELD-X (3003 fps) from a 26” barreled 7RM charged with RL25. RL26 is giving me 3150 fps with 130gr E-Tips from a 270 Win. Great load work up. Sounds like you have a “do it all” rifle. Congratulations.