.338 Win Mag to .416 Ruger

It's ready set go time with that set up!

Too bad you are on the other side of the border...and it is a bit of a pain to export rifles...but it can be done for about $350 CDN last I checked; the rules and costs have changed some - my last import from the US was less money than previous imports...save you the trouble of finding another LH 375 and having to get it done...
As I would be willing to part with my LH 416 Taylor to someone who would appreciate it and definitely use it where it would see some grand adventures in the wilds of Alaska, and maybe take a brown bear or two! (I built it mainly for bison, and perhaps brown bear/grizzly, or even a cape buffalo - and I still have my 376 Steyr and 9.3x62 that can be used for those!)
I have a Trijicon TR24G 1-4x24 scope on it and a NECG peep that can be mounted to the Ruger integral base for back up, plus dies, brass and bullets, if interested (send me a PM).
(and I would put the funds towards my father/daughter hunt which is looking like an archery antelope and elk hunt with Fred Eichler and Full Draw Outfitters in Colorado next Aug/Sept)
Boy one can’t pass up on an offer like that , turn key is the word there.
I have a Trijicon TR24G 1-4x24 scope on it and a NECG peep that can be mounted to the Ruger integral base for back up, plus dies, brass and bullets, if interested (send me a PM).
All this 416 ruger talk primed the pump and when I saw a ruger guide gun in 416 yesterday I jumped on it. Now I just need to figure out a different stock, I’m not a fan of the hogue overnolded stocks.

I’m also torn on what optics to go with. The accupoint 1-4 was on my short list as well as the credo 1-4. I had heard some horror stories of the trijicon having difficulty holding zero on such a big kicker. I’m curious on your experience with the accupoint.
In my limited use of this scope with just range trips for load development, I have had no issues with this scope...but then again, a 350 gr bullet at just over 2400 fps isn't the same level of recoil as a 400 gr bullet at 2400 fps. I know that I do not find the recoil of this load in my rifle to be bad. But I do know that it is not at the same level of recoil as the hot loads of 400 gr bullets in a 416 Rigby that a friend had in a Brno rifle. And his rifle was heavier than mine.
The scope is bright and clear, and despite it having the large green triangle on top of the post, I had no issues shooting .4" groups at 100 yards using the very tip of the green triangle on the point of aim on the target.
IIRC the Credo has a 34 or 35mm tube which would require the larger rings, and therefore would not be my first choice...but one really doesn't need the ability to dial up for long range shooting with a 416...unless they are in it for kicks! (pun intended!) :devilish:
If my payment terms are acceptable please consider the rifle sold.

It will be neat to see how it all works getting that rifle across the border. Know it can be done and will be interesting to see how long it takes. Those King barrels were definitely good ones, too bad he passed away. This will be better than changing out your 338 and you get a gun that's at least as good as anything that Ruger puts out and probably better. Stock up on 350 gr Speer's and rock on 😎
Yes Bevan King made some great barrels!
I have them on:
250 AI
300 WSM
376 Steyr
416 Taylor

They all shot sub-MOA, many .5 MOA and better.
My was a 35 Whelen that eventually was turned into a 358 Norma Mag. It shot well with many loads in both configurations.
Yeah, I got one of the last King barrels. He, with the assistance of Pete Matuck, built me a beautiful 358 Norma Mag. And it delivers sub MOA with 250 grain pills. Man, it will pack a wallop.