35 Whelen Imp.

I am another that has never used the Meopta scope but the good Doctor has never steered me wrong :mrgreen: so I am quite sure they are a very good scope. I do know Leupold & I really like them as well.

Like the good Doctor said they will do. Meopta was supposed to have made the discontinued old Zeis Conquest line and you can still buy the 3.5-10X44mm and the 4.5-14X44mm with side focus.
Meopta doesn't list the 3.5-10X44mm any more on their web site. The good thing about the 44mm scope objective is you don't need medium rings to mount it only lows according to Talley.
DrMike":dj7ki5ix said:
A charge by a mountain grizzly is pretty exciting. Well, that is one way of saying it. At such a time, even a large calibre rifle seems awfully small.
I looked at C.J. McElroy's brown, life size mount next to a life size black bear mount, and thought anything less than a howitzer was too small. :)

There's something about a dangerous situation, and thinking your gun may be too small, to really make a person realize how inconsequential they are in the grand scheme of things.


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Vince I think I know what you mean. I've seen a few mounts of Browns and Grizzleys in Cabelas and they are extremely intimidating. But I would still like to go on a guided hunt for one with the 35 Imp loaded with some 310gr Woodleighs loaded up.
truck driver":2pridjwg said:
Vince I think I know what you mean. I've seen a few mounts of Browns and Grizzleys in Cabelas and they are extremely intimidating. But I would still like to go on a guided hunt for one with the 35 Imp loaded with some 310gr Woodleighs loaded up.
I would too.
If I can ever arrange it, or convince the wife to move to Alaska, it's on like Donkey Kong! :D

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A big brownie or mountain grizzly is the top animal on my hunt list. They are the boss predator of the north in my mind. Just strong, intelligent survivors. I've got a ton of respect for them.
Just be sure and watch "Night of the Grizzly" and "The Edge" before you go...it will keep you "In Yellow Alert", ha. I had a friend, he is probably passed away now, from about 20 yrs ago, who hunted sheep, moose and sucj with a regular 35 Whelen Ruger 77. I forget what bullet he used, it was a Nosler of some sort. Anyhow, he had just walked down to the stream in front of camp, with his rifle with him, and saw a grizzly about 80yds away. The thing charged him and he got ready, hollering, trying to turn him, but had to pop him when he got too close. He was just across the stream! Mature bear, no visible wounds or disease, he just didn't like my friend! The Whelen had no problem! He didn't get in trouble, as he had no tag, because he had witnesses. This was up in Canada somewhere. I don't remember if he got to keep the bear either. I prefer to watch them at the zoo with my grand-babies, ha.
If I ever get in that situation be nice to throw a 250 or 286 at him until he stopped. Nice part about a Win holds 6 rounds.
Here's a range report on the Meopta scope and the new and improved long throat.
Hey fotis I finally got to use the Chrony you sold me and it worked great (y) .

The first load up after sight in is the 200gr AB loaded with 60.0grs of H335 Oal is 3.395" because of the stock magazine box. The Velocity avg. was 2911.66667 fps, 61.0grs H335 - 2931.66667 fps, 62.0grs H335-2945.33333 fps. These loads are all under max and I believe I could break the 3000 fps barrier There was no signs of pressure what so ever. The 60.0gr load group measured .767"X.995", 61.0gr 1.59"X.361", 62.0gr .883"X.883". I think I can tweak all of these loads with OAL to shrink the groups. I'll be looking for another magazine box to open it up so I can take advantage of the long throat.

I tried some H322 loads also loaded with 200gr ABs and they showed promise as I increased powder charge.
200gr. AB H322 56.0grs Velocity Avg. 2792.67fps group size .679"X 1.131", 57.0grs Velocity Avg. 2862.50fps and a group size of .783"X.292".

I had two 200gr Hornady SP left over from sight in so I measured them also.
60.0grs RL15 Velocity Avg. 2726.0 fps group size for the two shots measured .050"X .195". Wish I had saved more so I could have shot at least a 3 shot group.

I had some people join me at the range so I doubled up on two of the targets so I wouldn't inter fear with their shooting by changing targets each time.


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Thanks Jake, the Meopta was flawless also, very clear and the click adjustments very crisp. The Z-plex was very easy to pick up and didn't cover the whole target like some do it was easy to see your bullet holes with it and call your shots.
That's great accuracy for a big caliber, especially from "break in loads" with the rebored/rechambered combo. You got a figure everything ( from stock inletting, trigger, bore, scope adjustments, mountas) are all "settling in" right now. Just keep shooting and playing with it and I bet you an ice cold 20oz Diet Coke it will start to tighten up dramatically. Not that a 2" 35 WAI isn't a real killer already! May I suggest your H335 is the one to use with the Nosler AB but that you wait and try the 200 TTSX with the H322. My observation has been the Barnes TSX/TTSX line get more velocity with the same pressure as a cup/core, and the even more with the Improved chamber! You did good pard!
Thanks Preacher Jim. Can't stand Diet coke or Diet anything for that matter but I will take you up on a regular coke. I have been looking at getting some TTSX or TSX bullets but I need to pay off my toy account first. :roll: :lol: :mrgreen:
The larger the bore the more copper to be removed, its a square inch or MM thing, but not a real problem, use Wipe Out...

It appears to me you need to cut the throat deeper and you may need to lengthen the magazine some..both easy projects, but should have been done by the gunsmith to start with..I set up my Whelen for the magazine to take a 250 gr. bullet seated .257 in the case and then cut the throat to match. That will come pretty close to completing with the 35 Brown Whelen or the 358 Norma as a matter of fact...
Ray, I had the throat cut to 3.5000" and haven't taken the spacer out of the mag box yet.
Hey TD, is it a fo-pa to share info from my 35 Whelen AI into this thread?

Thought I'd share the max OAL (touching lands when chambered) for comparison to what you have.

-200 gr TTSX 3.475"
-225 Nosler BT 3.565"
-250 Speer 3.450"
-250 Hornady SP 3.435"

Magazine will feed consistently with an OAL of 3.390", so I pretty much seat to that length and go with it for those specific bullets. Overall, haven't had a problem seating any bullet to 3.390" but will seat shorter 200 gr bullets (old style X, Hornady SP) and Sierra 225 gr to shorter OAL so some is left in the case mouth, per se.
Howard , all information shared here is welcome. I really haven't tried to seat to the lands since I had the throat lengthened. I found out early that the pressure would spike with some of my loads when they touched the lands so I load to magazine length. I have considered taking the spacer out of the mag box so I could have a little more freedom when seating bullets.