35 Whelen Imp.

Here's some more range day pics from today.
Loads were 200gr AB over XBR, Varget and RL15.
I pulled #3 on the varget load or that group would have been tighter.
Actually they all would have been if I would shorten the stock to 13.75" pull. I just added the recoil pad with out shortening the stock in a hurry to shoot it and now I'm struggling with the overly long stock to get the proper eye distance from the scope to clear it up. :|


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wvchevy3":6v1txk5i said:
Rodger, Looking good. That 8208xbr and 200 gr 35's go great together.Lee
Yeah but I had a vertical string with it and don't know why.
It seems my OAL chamber length is less than I thought. I seated a 200 gr Ab in an empty case to make a dummy to set the seating die when I change bullet brands and weights. Seated the AB ro 3.400" and ran it into the rifle chamber. when I extracted it I saw the ring on the agave of the bullet so I measured the cartridge length and it came out of the chamber at 3.360" max OAL.
I did the same thing with a Sierra 225gr GK, seated to 3.400" and chambered into rifle and it came out at 3.181" max OAL.
Thinking I need to send it back to JES and have the throat lengthened. But before I do I'm going to make up dummies for 225gr AB, 250gr AB, 250gr Hornady and the 250gr Speer to see how deep they need to be seated to work in the rifle. As it is I was loading everything right on the lands. This might explain some of the problems I've been having.

It seems that a termite chewed on the stock and it's 3/4" shorter now and fits much better, just have to get a new recoil pad for it now.


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Yep, you gave it a shot, now send it back with some dummy rounds as you said. JES will fix it and you will be better off. Happy 4th to you Pard!
Talked with JES and he agrees it should come back to have the throat lengthened so I can have more flexibility seating bullets. Going to pack it up and send it off.
I feel for you, but at least you have plenty of time before Fall! You also know JES will get it back to you pronto. Personally, I like the long throat in my 700 Classic ( yours is the same in your Classic) Along with that long action, the Improved case, I can seat my bullets way out there and put a handful of powder in them, and still have plenty of throat to act as Freebore, ha. A Mod 70 isn't quite as easy to work with, but they are still a good choice. I'm just trying to cheer you up.... :)
Thanks Preacher Jim, I can actually lengthen the M70 magazine fairly easy if I want to and just might order a new Mag box to tinker with But I don't think I need to go longer than 3.40" to get it to shoot it wasn't looking bad as it was. I just want it to be more flexible and stretching the chamber out to 3.50" should give me what I need with out over doing it.
Lord yes, that's way plenty! I want to say my 250X originals were around 3.43", something like that.
I just got it back from JES and can't wait to see how she shoots with the longer throat. It was test fired with a 225gr AB seated to 3.500"OAL with 56.5gr IMR 4320. The empty case looks good and the primer looks better than before. Now to put it back into the wood and mount a scope to see what she will do.
Well I am jazzed for you pard! I bet you will see some fantastic velocities from that longer throat! I hope you try the 58 to 58.5 gr H322 with the 200 TTSX and finally get your "smile right"! have a good un Pard. Jim
My SIL uses that 225AB from his 35 Whelen Imp on elk and it does a fine job! I gave him some 225 PT to try but he hasn't worked up a load for them yet, and that was two years ago, ha. Its like me and the Barnes 200X ( I'm still using some I bought back in the 90s) and the newer 200 TTSX. I do admit I am impressed with the 310 Woodleigh. I think "someone" ought to sponsor a Brown bear hunt for me to try them on...ha.
If I manage to one day get a Brown Bear hunt I'll let you tag a long Preacher. :mrgreen:
I'll be your gun bearer ( and slip in my 310 Woodleighs when you aren't looking) I also promise not to run off when he comes for you! ha
Not to worry Jim, I'm very cool under pressure and I promise I won't stop shooting till he's down but I'm a firm believer in one shot one kill.
truck driver":1v2y7c65 said:
Not to worry Jim, I'm very cool under pressure and I promise I won't stop shooting till he's down but I'm a firm believer in one shot one kill.

Those big bruins can change your mind on that issue.