358 Norma Magnum and BL-C (2)


May 18, 2022
I may have to reassess my work with the 358 Norma Magnum. I've been focused on 280 grain A-Frames and 275 grain Woodleigh PPs. They do pack a punch on both ends of the rifle.
Hi DrMike
I did my homework, and I came to the conclusion that with all the factors considered, the 358 Norma Magnum is one heck of a cartridge. Therefore, I bought an older M-77 Ruger in 338WM, and am in the process to put a new stainless 24-inch barrel on with a #5 Bull Sporter contour. Although research indicated a 26-inch barrel would be better for this rifle, I just can not see myself walking in the bush with such a long barrel. The 24-inch will just work perfectly for me in hunting circumstances. My plan is to use this rifle for larger and dangerous game in North America, as well as larger plains and dangerous game in Africa in countries where the 375 caliber is not the minimum. As I see it, the 358 NM has the same performances as the 375 H&H, but only sacrifices a tiny bit on bullet diameter, however, shoots flatter over longer ranges. Therefore the NM can be seen as an excellent all-around caliber to have, from the prairies of NA up to Alaska, and from the bushveld of Africa to the plains and semi-desert areas of Africa. I also plan to use the Swift 280 grain A-frame and Woodleigh's 275 - 310 grain bullets and feel those are the bullets it will outperform other 35 cal.'s as well as some a little bigger.
Please share your experiences with your NW as a hunting rifle with us, if you don't mind.


Nov 8, 2006

This note slipped through the cracks, which is a polite way of saying that in my dotage I've somehow missed it. The 358 NM is a powerhouse. I had mine out a couple of weeks ago. It still delivers sub-MOA performance with a powerful kick when launching 280 grain A-Frames. I do believe your assessment is spot on. I do have some Woodleigh 275 pills as well as a couple of boxes of 280 grain A-Frames. I'll give them another look in a couple of weeks. Truthfully, the 250 grain A-Frames will handle about anything I should ever encounter here in BC. I do agree with you that a 24 inch barrel is sufficient to develop the potential for the cartridge. BTW. I note that this was your first post on the forum. Welcome aboard, though I can't imagine you felt all that welcomed when I ignored you for a month. Do forgive the oversight and tell us how the 358 NM is working out for you.