40S&W 165gr Speer Gold Dot


May 15, 2009
Picked up a new S&W M&P 40 compact the other day and got a chance to get out and put it through it's paces. In the process of doing so I wanted to test my carry ammo out of it's short barrel for expansion and penetration. Set up 4 milk jugs with water at 7 yards. Bullet penetrated the first 2 completely and there was a nice bullet imprint and dent in the back of the 3rd jug where I found the bullet in the bottom.

Bullet expanded to .62" in diameter

And retained weight was 155.1 grains for 94% weight retention

Any guesses as to how they got the name gold dot?

Pretty much picture perfect performance by my book....if you're looking for a very high quality carry round you would be hard pressed to find a better bullet than the gold dot's in my opinion.
That looks pretty impressive and with the 165 you get a bit more velocity than the 180's do and I feel that or the 150-155's are a better defensive round. That's a perfect mushroom and penetration.
Very nice! Hard to beat them Gold Dot's in the pistol rounds! Great test!
Nice catch. Perfect mushroom.
That would ruin a bad guys day for sure.

Some fine photography there. Great performance on the bullet as well.
Thanks guys. I've always been impressed with this round. To date have only run one through a jack rabbit at about 25 yards....and after seeing what it did to that, I sure wouldn't want to run into one! David, I agree...too much penetration with the 180's and not as violent expansion, both of which are problems with a self defense round for me.

Thanks for the compliments on the photos....I actually have a photography business on the side, but usually don't bother dragging out the big camera for stuff like this, but this one was pretty enough I decided it should get the full treatment!

On a side note, my dad is a retired state trooper, and when they switched to this ammo as their duty ammo we ran them through all kinds of materials and barriers prior to the jugs and never had one fail to expand or separate. Obviously, amount of expansion varied depending on what it went through, but after watching those tests, I was sold on this round.
Very nice catch here. I will never espouse a PD handgun bullet more than the Gold Dots. I carry them in 9mm, 357SIG, 38Spcl and 45ACP and have never seen one that doesn't look like yours.

Grats on the new pistol too! Those M&Ps are very nice. I shied away from one as I didn't care for the S&W Sigmas much and found out I missed out on a good deal.
1350 fps from my 10mm witness

Thanks for this test shoots_5! Those are great pictures. We were going to do a test on this exact round out of my G23, but now we don`t have to.