Woodleigh Weldcore 310 RN SN


Jan 13, 2016
Since I took delivery of my Model 70 Featherweight in 35 Whelen AI I have been wanting to do this test. I certainly don't have a use for this bullet currently, but there is something about lobbing 310 grains of copper and lead that will put a grin on your face!

I couldn't get the chronograph to cooperate, but based on QuickLOAD output, these were headed out at around 2200 FPS. I purposely down loaded these to make sure they hit the jugs at the Woodleigh recommended impact velocity.

I used gallon milk jugs at 7 yards. Performance was spectacular, to say the least. The slug made it to the 8th jug, splitting it on the back side, but staying inside. Based on a quick measurement, that is over 4' of penetration. The Woodleigh had a retained weight of 303.8 grains or 98% weight retention. It expanded to just above the cannelure, and was 0.695" wide at the narrowest point, and 0.805" at its widest point. It is picture perfect. I would guess that pushing the velocity on this one causes the extreme expansion seen in other tests and reduces the penetration a bit. Might try that test later, but that will involve ordering a box...I only had a handful to try.

I used a Past sissy pad, as I was doing some load work with the 250 Speer as well, but at 2200 FPS the recoil didn't seem all that bad. For a working load, I would think 2250FPS MV would give you excellent performance without having the excessive expansion seen at 2400FPS. Of course this is only necessary if whatever you are hunting could eat you too. For a Coastal Brownie, I would want all the penetration I could get. The 275 PP might be just the ticket for deep penetration, since expansion is slightly more delayed as compared to the RN, and you can push it to 2600FPS according to Woodleigh. Might order a box of those too.

My rifle has a 1:14 twist and a 22" barrel and given the straight and deep penetration, I would say that the 14 twist is plenty.

Video of the impact (I couldn't figure out how to embed the video) -


The expanded slug next to a loaded round -

Wow, that thing looks amazing. I'll need to try them myself one day. I did some work in the past with the 275 gr PP and it's in the .358 bullet testing section, only jugs and no game unfortunately.
Dang, looks like it would run north to south in anything that walks in North America.

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5shot":1t4e9n27 said:
Does the video link work for you guys?

Yes, it worked for me. Some pretty good destruction from that bullet :lol:
Good deal.

Yeah...those first two jugs were shredded into multiple pieces...some going frame left and some frame right. That thing hit so hard that you could read the writing from the bottom of the first 4 jugs in the 2x12 that I set them on - permanently embossed in the fir.
Man that's impressive... I could probably kill two or three pigs at a time with that.