180 Hornady RN.


Mar 6, 2017
Ran a couple tests with the Hornady 180 RN out of a 30-06.

First test was at my normal load which will run about 2725 in my 22" barrel. Distance was 20 yds so impact velocity would've been in the neighborhood of 2665.

Didn't hit the jugs quite where I wanted on the first test and the bullet kind of went out the side of the 4'th jug and through the side of the 5'th jug and bounced off the edge of the 6'th jug. Running full width of the jugs I'd say it will for sure be in the 4'th jug, possibly in the 5'th.

Obliterated the first 2 jugs. Bullet peeled all the way back pretty much even with the bottom of the shank. Measured .645 at the widest, and weighed 108 gr's. Would be a whitetail thumper at woods ranges, probably overkill on damage if hitting shoulder.

I then loaded the same bullet at a slowed down speed with 35.5 gr's of H4895. Estimated muzzle velocity figuring 20 fps loss per inch of barrel with my 22" compared to 24" data, was 1985-2035 FPS. Estimated impact was 1925-1975.

That bullet was in the 6'th jug. Actual lead nose was wider because the faster speed of the 1'st bullet melted most of the lead off the front, and the width of the bullet on the faster 1 was the copper shank peels. This measured .575-.600 on average around it, but was in a lopsided fashion underneath. Weighed 143 gr's.

A comparison of the 2. Normal load of 2725 on right, 2000fps give or take on left.

The Hornady 180 gr RN bullets look great and should be wicked on deer. Plenty of penetration to reach the vitals from an angling shot and still give you an exit hole for a good blood trail.
Nice work.

Will wonders never cease? A round nose bullet Hornady hasn't discontinued. I shocked. Shocked I tell you. :shock: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
Paul B.
I used the 180 Hornady RN for about 10-years, out of my 30-06, hunting in Pennsylvania. I can tell you I took a lot of deer during that time period. 99% of the time it was 1-shot kills. Shots were never beyond 100 yds. It never failed to perform for me.

Looks great! If you've read Hal Bloods books or followed his podcasts tracking bucks in Maine, he prefers a very similar bullet, the 180 Core Lokt RN, which no doubt performs very similarly.
the 180 round nose was my Dads bullet of choice , in 30.06 . he would shoot my Hornady reloads on targets . when it came to hunting he would only use the factory Remington core lokt ammo .
I used the Sierra 180 gr. round nose bullets a lot when I lived and hunting in California. I liked the fact they'd exit on those coastal Blacktail deer.
Paul B.
Our experience in the North Central PA woods for whitetail with the Hornady RN was quite similar to Don's. Myself, my brother and sister-in-law all hunted deer with Sako 243's stoked with the 100 gain Hornady round nose. That was a very accurate, consistently reliable performing bullet in several different rifles and the hands of three different hunters. We never lost a deer with those Hornady RN bullets.
Many years ago Hornady produced a .284 dia 175 gr round nose bullet. I used it in my 7mm Remington Magnum with IMR-4831. In those days I did'nt have a chronograph to check velocity, but the combination worked excellent on moose and bear in Canada and white tail deer here in Wisconsin.
I have 180 grain Norma Alaskan that are round nose that never tried yet but I have used the Partition 170 grain round nose made for 30/30 in my 30/06 at around 2700 fps the deer had a blood trail on both sides of its body in the short 40 yard dash before it crashed. I bought the Partition round nose bullets when SPS had over run sales going on for cheap prices now they are so expensive if you can even find them.