Done some more Sauer testing.


Mar 6, 2017
Using the keeping the same seating depth method of testing. Used the .040 off that shot in the 2's with a starting load of 48 gr's IMR 4064.

Made some slight scope adjustments and went right to 49.5 & 50.5 just looking at speeds and pressure. It put those 2 shots side by side within 3/8" and only 19 fps difference being a full grain apart, so that is likely a second lower velocity accuracy node. Speed was 2649 & 2668, so more 308 speeds with that bullet weight.

51 gr's shot at 1" on the button. Speed was 2725. Had to quit then because a heavy snow/ freezing rain front moved in.

Went back later in the afternoon when it quit & set up again.

51.5 shot .8 outside measurement, so high 4's CTC, just round it up and call it 1/2". Speed was 2757. E.S. 20.

52 did not shoot......had a flier that put it out over 1". Speed was 2790.

52.5 had the same flier, but it was came back towards center. Had 2 tight together and the flier put it in the 8's. Chrono did not record a single shot. Don't know if it was the dark low cloud cover and it couldn't pick it up, or if the battery needs replaced. Should be low 2800's.

Could try shooting 52.5 again, and could try 53 grains. GRT says 52.5 is right at the top of pressure. Bolt lift is fine, primers are flattening out, but still have a rounded edge, no typical pressure signs showing up yet, but I'd say I'm close to the top.

Or could just figure 51.5 gr's with IMR 4064 and move onto different powders. I have both IMR4350 & H4350 I could test with this bullet.

The 52.5 target.

Appears as if you have a good load for the rifle. No doubt you can tighten the group by playing with the seating depth, but there is nothing particularly wrong with what you have now if hunting is your only goal. I certainly do appreciate the workmanship on the Sauer's.
Thanks for the comments fella's.

That's some fine shooting and accuracy is there. Like Ernie said, play with the seating depth to tighten up a bit and go hunt.


Yeah when thinking about it I could try either of the 4350's and would likely end up at relatively the same type accuracy with velocity likely 2830-2850 with a 22" barrel. Not sure it's worth bullets, primers, and powder testing for 75-100 fps. Might try 57-58 gr's of 4350 at that seating depth just to see what it does as those charge weights are what is usually ended up at anyways with 4350 and a 165.

Otherwise time will likely be better spent for now moving onto testing both 150 gr bullets and 180's. Will likely stick with 4064 for 150's and definitely using 1 of the 4350's to test 180 gr bullets in it.

Having 3 different bullet weight loads at 1/2" or better would be great........not sure if it will do it or not. We will see.
Well done, nice groups. I have a different view to others. I would stop load development there and go hunting as I don't think an extra .1" or so will make any difference to how dead those pigs/deer/whatever your game is. All you would be doing is using up more components for no additional practical result........that said I'm not criticising the legitimate enjoyment people get in the pursuit of the tightest groups possible it can be very satisfying.
Yup, IMR4350 was my go to powder in the 30-06 for 150-180 gr bullets.


Only powder I ever used for 165-180 gr bullets, and I've gone through a pile of it in 06's. Turns out though that IMR 4064 isn't too slouchy either at least up to 165 weight. I've bounced back and forth between 4064 & 4350 with 150's, would have to say overall the preference would go to 4064 with that bullet weight.
Correction on that........I did test RL16 with 180 gr bullets with good results, but just tested it and never continued with it. When I'm shooting or loading up bullets for hunting with 165-180 weights, it's always been IMR4350.
If you want to try something different, try Big Game with those 165gr. Another good powder for the 06. Dan.
Something I thought I'd pass on as a tidbit of info that avoids chasing a scope around on loads........some of you likely know this, others maybe hadn't payed attention to it.

On a RH twist barrel, as pressures come up point of impact tends to drift up and to the right. The 48 gr load that shot so well measured approximately 2.5" to the left, and around 2.25" low.

So rather than adjusting my scope to that point of impact, then having to re-adjust up at the top, I clicked my scope over just 5 clicks to the right, that was it. Left elevation alone. Scope is 1/4" clicks. Sure enough, increasing charge weights walked me up and to the right, and by the time I hit 52.5 gr's it's nearly right on. In my opinion it's more about pressure than speed that affects that.
If you want to try something different, try Big Game with those 165gr. Another good powder for the 06. Dan.
Dan, I might get around to that at some point. What charge weights worked for you and what kind of speed were you getting?
I read the posts. When some of you say play with the seating depth more what would be your plan?
I read the posts. When some of you say play with the seating depth more what would be your plan?
I would seat the bullet .005" deeper and keep seating deeper to walk the group in tighter.
Maybe start at .010" first to fast track it.

I read the posts. When some of you say play with the seating depth more what would be your plan?

Probably different opinions, but I know what I will do if I mess with it.

When it's already shooting at 1/2" on the button, 1/4" of that group is me. About 1/4" is as good as I can do with a 9x scope and medium heavy crosshairs if everything else is right and I'm shooting good that day.

So I'm only chasing a 1/4" improvement. For me that means trying .005 on either side. It's currently at .040 off. I'd try 3 at .045 & 3 at .035. I haven't found there's a definitive direction to head on a cloverleaf group. It could get better either direction, or could be as good as that load will shoot.