Some Time at the Reloading Bench


Mar 23, 2017
This past week I received a pile of 7mm RM brass 333 pcs in total. 246 pcs are Peterson , which is what I was after.
So today I dug out the 7mm RM from the back of the safe and proceeded to load up some of that brass. The only bullet I run in it is Federal 160gr Fusions I picked up years back. For powder I dug out WC-867 and loaded up 4 for staters (66-72grs)to see where my velocity was. Came up a little slow. So I loaded 3 more (76-80grs) now I got somewhere. Didn’t shoot the 80gr as the speed was up there. 76grs gave me 3030fps. Loaded 1 on each side of 76 grs (75.5 & 76.5). 75.5grs was 3032fps. I decided on loading up a bunch at 75.7grs to put on target.
My go to load is with RL-26 at 2960’s with these bullet.

Then I moved on to the 338 WM with expanded Peterson brass. 300gr CC and RL-26 was the choice here. 300gr is a big bullet for the 338 WM. I set the seating depth 0.020” off as I do with my other 338s. Ran the combo through QL to get an idea of where to start. The goal was 2500 fps which is where I got. Loaded 66-71grs and there was a slight click on the bolt at 71grs. Loaded 69.5grs to try on target.