Sauer with 4350.


Mar 6, 2017
Loaded 57-58 gr's with the same Hornady 165's and the same .040 off that I used with 51.5 gr's of IMR 4064.

They couldn't be much more identical. 57.5 gr's shot the best. I'm only measuring with calibers not those computer generated programs, but I'm getting the same .800 outside measurement, so 1/2" group. 4064 chrono'd at 2757, the 4350 chrono'd at 2758. Really close to the exact same point of impact. Only difference is the 4064 was cloverleaf, and this was 2 in the same hole, with 1 out.

E.S. with IMR 4350 was 18. With IMR 4064 it was 20. Crazy that it's so identical.

58 gr's will shoot as well but it wasn't as tight as 57.5 & only 27 fps faster average, so no point in straying from 57.5 in my opinion. It's also still slow in my opinion, but is what it is.......maybe it's just slow with these Hornady's, don't know?

The 4064 target from the other day.

Nice work. 2 great loads ready to hunt.


Onto 150's! I already know it will shoot Speer 165 BTSP's, so I'm not gonna mess with checking those for now. I'm figuring on it shooting 180 gr bullets. With 150's I've found some -06's will shoot well, others will shoot them well enough, but struggle to show that they like them. Will see how it does.

I'm tempted to just pick a loading depth like .040 off with each bullet, load up 3 each at 52 grains of IMR 4064 and let the rifle tell me what it likes best and roll with it from there. I got Hornady FB & BT's, Sierra PH & GK's, Nosler Partitions, and Speer HC's in 150's.

I got a few 150 Nosler BT's I could try but if it ends up liking those I'd have to buy more.
That is some gratifying work. Either of those loads will hunt. Effectively, they produce identical results. (y)
Well, looks like two good loads that could be twins. Nice alternative to have. Hope the 150gr bullets do as well. Dan.