Jug tested the Hornady 180 RN.

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I wish you could find for RN bullets these days. It seems the spitzers have almost made them extinct. I’ve always though the round nose design made beautiful mushrooms. Would love to find som 175 grain RN for my little 275 rigby. Unfortunately I have had zero luck.

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They definitely have their use depending on the application, and in the right application are not inferior but a benefit IMO.

Problem is in my view the public is convinced they need a slicked up high B.C bullet for 150 yd shots. Who would want to use that old log wagon of a bullet when better is well, just better in most views. So manufacture's produce what follows the hype and sells.

Speer is down to just 1 RN hunting bullet, and that is in .311. Sierra makes 2, both in 30 caliber, a 150 and a 180. Nosler 2 that I know of, both in 30 caliber. Hornady I think still makes the most but they dropped a bunch of them. The 30 caliber 180 RN is a limited production deal.
Nosler also makes a CTBT in 458 300gn for 45/70. You can find them on the Nosler site with a little work. Also Winchester loads them.

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Picture of the 300gn RN 458 CTBT


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Jim has put a lot of meat in the freeze with that bullet. He made me a believer. I’ve seen a few shot with it as well and man, it expands beautifully and is a piledriver on bucks.
I've got a huge respect for the good old round-nose bullets that were produced by many manufacturers.

Did well with the 375 H&H using 270 grain Hornady round-nose bullets at a match in Libby Montana two years ago. Never did use that bullet on game and now I'm out of them. Sadly Hornady doesn't make them anymore. That bullet surprised the heck out of me at 300 yards on targets. Very accurate.

These days my 45-70 is getting the 350 grain Round Nose Hornady when I think it should have a jacketed bullet. Wow - that thing is accurate too. Again, I've never taken game with it, but have a lot of confidence in it anyway, based on what I've heard and read from others.

Seems like the trend towards ultra high BC bullets has shunted off the good old round nose and flat nose bullets that filled so many tags for decades... I like a pointy spitzer too, but I hope someone keeps making good round nose hunting bullets.

Regards, Guy
I think there’s a lot of us!

That 375 H&H sounds good…

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