44 Rem Mag 240 gr JHP (Rifle)


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Nov 4, 2004
Marlin 1894 44 Rem Mag with the Nosler 240 gr JHP at 1750 fps shot into water jugs at 50 yds.
The bullet was recovered in the 5th jug, expanding to .624" and weighing 181.0 grs. Impressive!



Impressive, indeed! That would put a smack down on game within reasonable range.
Nice! I've had a .44 revolver for about 30 years, and have always wanted a .44 Marlin lever action to go along with it... Someday...

Good looking deer bullet for sure!

Thanks for posting your results.

Very nice, that'll do the trick on any buck walking. 5 jugs is pretty danged good and that bullet holds up much better than I'd thought.

I really need to break out the 444 Marlin and try the 300 grain Nosler in jugs..
I need to shoot the 300 gr JHP for accuracy. Not sure if the 1:38 twist will stabilize the 300 gr bullets.
The 240 gr JHP's rock.

FOTIS":1qj69kjf said:
Did you try the 300?

It is on my to do list this year.
From what I have read, the 300 gr wont stabilize in the 1:38 twist.
The little Marlin 1894 now wears a Leupold M8 3x scope which is perfect for what
I would use the rifle for. I did score on a little butter ball buck last year, solid high lung shot
dropping him in his tracks. The 240 gr JHP works well on WT deer. This is a fun gun.

They do in my (1:38) Marlin 444 BUT they are driven faster.

here are 2 300 grain groups

300 grain beartooth cast

300 gr sierra SP

Thank you some marlins shoot like target guns

45-70 325 FTX RL 7 2300
I have several targets from several .356s that look like that. Lever guns can be surprisingly accurate. Every Marlin I every worked with delivered fine accuracy--more than adequate for any hunting situation. That rifle is assuredly delivering for you. If you saw a tight group once or twice, it might be interesting; but when it delivers consistently, people need to sit up and take notice.
I've got a Win model 94 'Wrangler' which is the 16" barreled big-loop lever version of that rifle. I've had good luck shooting the 240 XTP out to 100yds with a 4" group average. Pushing that with around 24gr of H110 powder. These Nosler JHPs look like a solid alternative although I have seen what the XTP does on deer, it's usually a TKO upon impact within range (75-100yds)
Welcome aboard, ikarus1. Always glad to welcome new people posting. Your Wrangler is undoubtedly a handy rifle, especially in the woods. Though I own (or have owned) numerous Model 94s, I never owned one of those short-barrel iterations. They do look handy.

Welcome to the forum.
The Nosler 240 gr JHP works well for me on WT deer.
The Marlin 1894 has taken 2 deer and my S&W 629 Classic has taken several deer.
All were one shot kills with exits the size of a quarter, leaking a lot of blood.