44 Rem Mag 300 gr JHP


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Nov 4, 2004
I tested the Nosler 300 gr JHP with my S&W 629 Classic 44 Rem Mag.
With 20.0 grs H110, accuracy was impressive at 50 yds. I even lobed one at 100 yds and was 3" low making it doable for WT deer hunting.
At 20 yds the big 300 gr JHP went through 6 jugs of water and I recovered in in damp sand. I would say this one will go through 7 jugs!
Expansion was less than I would have expected, opening up to .676" and weighed 276.5 grs.
I also recovered one in the backstop at 75 yds. Expansion was .730" and retained a weight of 296.0 grs.
I am going to do some additional load work and also run them through the chronograph.

I'd think you're in the 1300fps range with that load. Probably a bit faster. Pretty good performance for that velocity and 6 jugs is great! You don't need expansion above 1/2" for anything in the Michigan woods.

H110 is definitely the go-to powder for your heavier bullets. Very impressive.
Jim, those look really impressive buddy. Thinking about grabbing a few 100 of them for my SBH. They look like they would do the deed on heavy game as well. Man, great recovery!
Yup that is what they look like from mine also Jim. I am thinking 1100 fps or so.
I agree Fotis, big and slow. I need to clock them but I think they are going in the 1100 speed bracket.

They look pretty good Jim. Might give them a run in the 444. I would love to run them into jugs to see how tough they really are! :twisted:

I think if anything will make them expand, 2000FPS might?

I agree with you, the 444 should be interesting with the 300 gr JHP.

Jim -

Which dies are you using to reload your .44 mag? I just became the proud owner of a 5.5" Ruger SBH (stainless) and think I might want to reload for it.
Scott Spencer":v39ivie4 said:
Jim -

Which dies are you using to reload your .44 mag? I just became the proud owner of a 5.5" Ruger SBH (stainless) and think I might want to reload for it.


Congratulations on the SBH buddy. H110 is an excellent powder in the 44 Mag.

Thanks, Jim! Are you using the carbide die set? I'll be sure to try to get some H110 tomorrow.

In the meantime I think I'll shoot some of these low cost white box Winchester bullets. I at least can start my brass collection. :)
You'll love the 44! I have the 7.5" SBH Scott and it is a fun pistol for sure! Jim is right, W296 or H110 are about as good as it gets for hammering the big bullets downrange in a hurry.
Good deal, Scotty. I picked up a lb of the H110 yesterday and now need to find some bullets. I'm thinking about some lead SWC but don't really know a source for good/reputable, but cheap, lead bullets. I probably need to wander around to some cowboy action shooting sights. :)
Check out the Oreegon Trail Cast bullets on Midway and other sights. They make some nice bullets. For good premium cast, Beartooth makes some nice ones too.
I clocked the 300 gr JHP load at 1196 fps @ 15'.

FWIW, the 240 gr JHP went 1339 fps and 200 gr JHP went 1512 fps.

No doubt Scotty, they are going to hit hard.
My MV was better than I thought by 100 fps!

Yeah, they are boomers Jim. I can't wait to give them a try in my SBH after I get the new front sight put on it.
JD - Your Classic S&W a 5 inch barrel?

I have the same revolver and just picked up 400 of these bullets as I drove through Bend last week.

I have a NIB Ruger Alaskan in 454, but am thinking that these 300 gr in a 44 mag with a 5 inch barrel are pretty comparable to the 454 in a short barrel.

I can shoot the 629 pretty well. Might actually hit a deer at a distance should I ever need "survival" food. Not sure I would be able to say the same for the Alaskan.