375 260 gr & 300 gr AB Tested


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Nov 4, 2004
I have been messing around with the Nosler M21 in 375 H&H Mag and closing in on a couple of loads. I thought I would send a couple rounds into the jugs.
First up was the 260 gr AB @ 2750; fps
Penetrated 3 gallon jugs and found in the second DEF jug.
Recovered weight 197.7 grs
Diameter .750"
Second was the 300 gr AB @ 2600 fps
Recovered weight 198.0 grs
Diameter .657"
Penetrated 3 gallon jugs and 2 DEF jugs, stopped by a 3/4" pine board, which it split.



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Just want to make sure those bullets don't bounce off.

The 260 gr AB definitely did not bounce off the bison when fired from my 376 Steyr.
I am getting a chronied 2632 fps from 61.0 gr of H335 from my 21" King barrel. Shoots 1/2" groups and is a pussycat to shoot off the bench (mild shove).
At 100 yards, I got complete pass through on the bull, who took 5 steps, laid down, raised its head once and was done.
At 200 yards, the finishing shot on a wounded cow, where I had the clear shot through the herd that the original shooter did not, the bullet penetrated over 36" from shoulder to offside hip, and doubled its original diameter (.750" iirc) and retained over 90% of its original weight.
Also performed with similar results on a bull elk.
Should I ever get the chance for a bongo...this would be my first choice for that hunt!
Now to find the same weight solids for a dangerous game back up load...
I’ve learned from my past test , it takes a few feet of water to stop them big boys.
How far out were you when fired?
Cool report there JD338!

Ya, I've liked those 260 grain Nosler Accubonds for a long time, and have accumulated a decent stash of them. Great performance on the black bears I've shot with them, either close or far. Darned good accuracy from my 375 H&H Ruger Number One as well.

The BC is decent. Velocity potential is good in a 375 H&H or 375 Ruger. Trajectory similar to a 308 Win or 30-06.

Just one heck of a good hunting bullet.

Regards, Guy
I sure did. My 378 despised them! One quick change to the 270 LRX and Ramshot magnum and voila!
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That's very impressive Fotis!