45 Super did well

Well, that certainly worked out well. Those are a couple of fine looking animals that'll provide some excellent table fare. Congratulations.
Those were shot with the Buffalo Bore 230gr JHP which is loaded with an XTP. It did a great job. Pretty much duplicates the damage I see from my 44 Magnums.
Very nice. I have my 1911 Kimber Team match II converted to Super.

The SS one

I am in the process of converting a G21 gen 3 to use 45 Super here in Alaska any suggestions.
I plan on using the G21 for Bear Protection ! View attachment 21894
If you want the gun to last the best way is to run a good comp. The KKM G21H1C barrel and comp set with a 22lbs spring works perfectly. The comp keeps it locked for a few miliseconds longer slowing down the slide. Stops the increased slide speed from battering the frame. Buffalo Bores 255 grain Super load is the best I found for that type job. Very accurate as well. In my scoped super it shot 2.5" groups at 100 yards. If you hand load it the cast bullets in the 240-255 range will get you plenty of penetration. The Lehigh solid copper 190 wil also doa great job on bear skulls. Nice bear by the way. I see there is a Glock on it. Would like to hear the story on that bear.
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