The .460 Rowland long range gun is running


Jun 13, 2007
I fnally got my .460 Rowland set up for long range together. It is a blast to shoot. Runs like a Swiss watch. I have been working with Nosler 250 grains and Power Pistol powder. A bit more developement to do but on the right track. Bar-Sto barrel. All hand fit. Carver mounts with Crimson Trace Brushline scope. I haven' decided on the trigger yet so running a cleaned up stock unit with a 6# trigger spring and Zev Connector. Here is a pic of the newest Rowland and it with one of my other .460s and a .45 Super. The un-scoped Rowland and .45 Super have both killed deer.

I will. I had the super set up with the scope and groups were running 2.5" at 100 yards but I yanked it before I tried to tighten it up. The open sighted Rowland has shot 40 yard groups when my eyes are working right at an inch.
I shot it quite a bit while I was off for Thanksgiving. This is a fun gun. I can't wait to kill a deer with it.