6.5 Grendel 123 a-max

jason miller

Sep 4, 2012
I caught a couple bullets today. First was a handload that clocked 2614 fps on its way to the jugs at 25 paces. It made a tiny dent in the back of the 3rd, but the jacket and core were laying in the bottom of that jug. Combined weight for the two pieces is 68.2 grains. It looks just like I had hoped.

Next, I lined up 4 jugs at 440 yards with a tarp underneath. This time was with factory fodder, which averaged 2403.3 through my rifle today. Connected on the second shot, albeit a bit off-center. The core was in the bottom of the 4th jug, and the jacket snuck out the side of one of the other three and was found in between the two layers of folded tarp. Those two pieces weigh 104.5 grains, and it pretty well expanded about as much as I could have hoped for approximately 1710 fps impact velocity. The first jug still had a rip in it rather than just a hole, and I got to watch it on impact through the scope. Pretty cool.

My opinion is that this is a good deer bullet for the tiny Grendel. What looks like acceptable expansion over a 900 fps window is nothing to complain about.

I think I'm gonna try the 129 LRAB when I get some more jugs. I'd really like to catch one way out there and see how that 1300 fps threshold works out, but hitting a row of milk jugs in line to make it through more than one of them AND finding a day with very low wind around here would be quite a challenge. Especially considering I only have 10 of these bullets.
Very cool Jason. You're right. It is tough to catch them at distance. Great report.
Jason how about loading a few down to slower launch speeds and shooting the jugs at 10 yards?
1710 fps at 440 yards wasn't slow enough? And I don't like that idea because rotational velocity is a contributing factor to expansion, and reducing your mv also reduces rotational velocity. A bullet starting out at 2600 fps that has slowed down to let's say 1200 fps when it impacts jugs will be more likely to expand than one that starts out at 1200 fps and hits the jugs at the muzzle.
Go over to the Grendel forum and talk to Paul he wrote all the manuals on reloading for the Grendel. The 129 seems to be a bit too long and reduces case capacity too much. You might want to look at a 100 to 105 grain TTSX Bullet.

My wife thinks I only have 3 guns
I'm not limited to AR magazine length. And I'm not interested in running monos in a low velocity cartridge. But thanks.
jason miller":3su20k5w said:
I'm not limited to AR magazine length. And I'm not interested in running monos in a low velocity cartridge. But thanks.
No worries , but if you are able to seat the bullets longer you will get more powder and velocity. Most of us Grendel guys use the 100-120 TSX with no issues on deer and elk. The minimum velocity for the Barnes is about 1600, they say 1800 but it's lower for expansion.

If you like to hunt, try the SST , I have used them a lot and the AMAX. Scenar has some good bullets for the Grendel as well

My wife thinks I only have 3 guns
I have been shooting mostly 123 amax in my Grendel too. That 129 LRAB looks very interesting for the Grendel and the nosler data looks pretty good for it too. I'm thinking that would be the ticket if I ever get out after caribou with my Grendel. I have several pounds of CFE223 and a 24" barrel. I should be able to get 2500fps out of it.

The 120 BT should be a winner too.

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I have used the 123 sst , 120 GD & 120 Pro Hunter at 2600 fps. Im also not restricted to 2.260 and have a 22" bbl.

All three have been very good on Whitetails 120-200# No complete bullets recoverd. Ssts leave pieces more then others.

That AMAX exhibits excellent accuracy in all my 6.5 Manbun setups. Stumbled upon it while fireforming. Now I use them to impress myself (don’t have many shooting friends here)[emoji1]

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