64gr BSB vs 200 lb whitetail


May 22, 2012
Thinking about trying out my 22-250 for deer hunting here in Maine. Will use the 64 gr Bonded flatnose at 3620 fps. Where would be the best place to hold,lung shot or neck shot.
Always behind the shoulder. That 64 BSB is a tough little bullet. Put it in the lungs and the deer won’t go faf.

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Same. I’d have to think at those speeds it will vaporize the lungs.

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Lung shot for sure. I loaded that bullet Ina 22-250 and the performance was impressive.

Google , White tailed buck shot in neck with 7 mm and survives . That will answer your question

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Whole heartedly agree with the others. Lung shot.

I know a guy that for yrs used a 22-250 with just factory 55 gr soft points. Winchester I believe. Anyways just a type of bullet that would be considered a medium heavy varmint bullet.

Broadside shots behind the shoulder, and according to him the results were always pretty much straight down. I can't imagine the bloodshot mess it made. But if a 55 gr sp will do it, your bullet certainly will hold together better. Blood shot might still be extreme.