7mm Rem. Mag.

A friend of mine gave me a box of Hornady 154 grain Interbond bullets .Does anybody know anything about how these bullets perform on deer ,hogs maybe a black bear every once in a while ?
They tend to expand to an impressively wide mushroom and plow through whitetail with ease. Caught one in a black bear from a 280 rem and it expanded to a very large frontal area and seemed to hold onto weight. Didn’t weigh it. I don’t know how they’ll do in bigger critters, maybe over expand? I don’t know.
I tried the new 7mm 160 gr BT in the 280AI last year on a WT doe. MV is 3100 fps and resulted in a DRT kill. The off side shoulder was a little rough but not totaled.

Wow, 3100 exceeds 7mm Rem Mag territory. What’s your load?