Air Gun Trigger Time


Apr 5, 2014
A few years back I accidentally saw an airgun magazine and started reading just out of curiosity. I was surprised I found it quite entertaining and my interest was piqued. I purchased my first higher quality rifle pre-owned and began learning how to use it.
What I found was they are surprisingly accurate given the right pellet is found to match the gun. It seems each gun has its own preference and finding that is part of the fun. Also shooting a spring gun requires a different method that shooting a pneumatic.
Another thing to learn is judging distance is vitally important as hold over is required beyond the sight in range.
Able to set up a backyard range doesn’t require a lot of space.
What I discovered is trigger time with an air rifle can be quite the challenge but works to sharpen the shooting skills when one can’t get to the range with a powder burner.

Spring air pellet rifles can be very addictive. I bought my first one new on sale and have since acquired three more used ones all spring air. I own 2 .177 cal. 1 .22 cal and a .25 cal that was a custom group buy gun, all are Dianas.
I have gone as far as tuning the triggers along with building a spring compressor to change the piston springs and piston seals. All four guns have been spring tuned by me. They are one of the reasons why I have been absent from here off and on.