Back in the fold 22 Creedmoor


Sep 30, 2004
A buddy of had to have this rifle that I had built a few years ago. Sadly he was unable to find re26 so he never even put a scope on it the last two years.

His needs had changed so he asked if I wanted it back. He needed a short barreled 308 for hogs and deer so we swapped barreled actions.

I picked it up from my ffl last week and dropped it into my KRG bravo chassis. I topped it with a 3-18x50 trijicon accupoint. Loaded up some 95gr SMK with re26 and took it to the range.

It’s still a tack driver! Three shots to get it close at 25, then fired a 1/2” 3 shot group at 100 yards. Adjusted to zero and shot a sub 2” group at 300 that landed right where it was supposed to at -8.2” low. I dialed it up .3 mrad and shot this sub inch 3 shot group at 200 yards.

I forgot how much I liked this rifle. I don’t think I’ll let it go a second time.

It’s a Remington 700 SA that was blueprinted and barreled by long rifles inc. The barrel is a 24” Schneider 1-7 twist with the p5 rifling in rem varmint contour. Timney hit trigger, KRG Bravo chassis and elite iron revolution bipod.


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I loaded up some more of the secret recipe last night and took it back out to check how they would do. .5” 5 shot 100 yard group and 1” 5 shot group at 300. It’s pretty safe to say load development is done. Going to have to save my remaining re26 for this rifle.


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It's ready to roll for sure-Outstanding shooting!
Hopefully next week, I will be shooting a 22 Creed XP-100R rear-grip specialty pistol. I put a Burris 5-25 XTR-III (SCR MIL reticle).
I will be using the 88 grain ELD-M's.
Nicely done.
Don't sell or trade it off, you will regret it.