Barrel Checks with Hawkeye


Apr 27, 2014
I just recently bought a Hawkeye bore scope with the 45 degree attachment and wish I had bought one years ago. Concerned about the barrel on my M70 270 was the primary reason for getting it and after I got the barrel as clean as it was going to be I ran the probe down the barrel. Now, I'm a novice and knowing what I'm looking at but, I could tell all didn't look as expected.

It wasn't as smooth as I thought and the lands looked a little rounded rather than sharp and they looked like they had tool marks. We're talking about a $2500 JOC Tribute rifle. Wondering what my great shooting Sako Vixen heavy barrel .222 looked like I was more shocked. It looked like it just left the assembly line at Lilja. Sharp lands and smooth throughout from the leade to the muzzle and crown. I wish I had one of the cameras for capturing what it looked like but alas, that's another $1000 or so. There was no copper in either barrel but the looks of the M70 barrel was enough to keep you up at night. If I had that camera I'd send some jpegs to Winchester and see what their assessment would be.
A lot of barrels aren't lapped much if at all after rifled put some rounds down it and she'll clean up. Especially with the hammer forging you may see some slight tool marks. All of your customs are hand lapped to make them look like a sheet of glass.
It's had 250 rounds through it and coppered up pretty bad after 20 rounds each time. I ran an unknown amount of KG2, JB Compound and not a lot of good. It seems to be doing a little better but not as good as my M70 7x57 from he same manufacturer.

I wouldn't think the Sako is hand lapped but I'm not positive.
I've looked at a few bores with scopes and oddly enough- some of the worst looking bores were attached to some of my best shooting rifles.

How does the rifle shoot?
It doesn't shoot as good as my 1952 M70 of the same caliber and that's disappointing.