Bear Attack in BC


Nov 8, 2006
Serious story in the morning read. Hunter attacked by a sow grizzly in the Pemberton, BC area.

I have fished the rivers of that area on numerous occasions. There were not supposed to be grizzlies in that particular area, but I've encountered spoor and scat left by grizzlies on many occasions. It is a relatively short journey over the mountains to some prime grizzly habitat. I've hunted through the area near Chilko Lake and above Taseko Lake

A young grizzly was recently captured by the BC Conservation Officer Service. The bear had wandered into Squamish, which is on the way to Pemberton (and Whistler).

I have video of a grizzly that we filmed over thirty years ago in the Skagit Valley while hunting black bear. Weren't supposed to be any grizzly in that area, but there were. Fascinating stories. And I suspect that such encounters will become more common since the province has banned hunting. I see grizzlies almost every time I venture into the mountains. My grandson and I shot numerous pictures of two grizzlies a couple of years ago. We saw three bears that evening. Yeah, BC is pretty much prime grizzly territory.

Yes, it can and does happen. Grizzlies seem to pretty much go where they please. Not much can stop them.

Thanks Mike, for posting that. We do need to be "bear aware" when we're out in the hills. Seems like the fellow who was attacked should recover. That's a good thing.

Guy, flying in a helicopter into the wilderness south of Tumbler Ridge, I watched two grizzlies running up the mountain side. They would occasionally stop and look at the strange sight in the sky, and then turn and run deliberately upward. They are certainly powerful, and awesome animals.