Best choke tube lube?


Mar 5, 2019
What do you guys use on the threads of your choke tubes? I currently have some Birchwood casey brand choke tube lube and I'm wondering if there's something better out there I should know about and use.
hodgeman":189w42pi said:
I use plain old "Red N Tacky" equipment grease. too... I'm not really picky about the brand, just whatever I happen to have on hand for the grease gun.

I've used everything from marine grade wheel bearing grease to red and all works.

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One time I was running late and in a hurry to get to the skeet range I used Penn reel grease just because it was laying there handy where I had cleaned up my fishing reels, lol.

250 rounds fired that day and the tubes came right out when I got home.

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I've used anti seize grease on mine and haven't had any problems.

several years ago I got a tube of breach plug grease that came with my muzzle loader that I've been using on choke tubes without any issues.
I like Briley's Unilube Choke Tube Anti-Seize. If that isn't available to you just get a tube or can of anti-seize at your local auto supply. In a pinch, I've even used my wife's Coconut Oil. I try to always loosen my tube a half turn when I'm done shooting or before storing. NEVER use or leave them dry in your shotgun.

Though I've been guilty of engaging in arguments about motor oil/two stroke oil/chainsaw bar oil, I've come to the conclusion that WHAT you use is far less important than HOW you use it, assuming you use something even close to appropriate for the application.