Booked It!-now what rifle?


Jun 22, 2013
After some deliberation I have booked my next trip to South Africa. The Ph I went with in 2022 offered a hunt for buffalo, kudu and impala, all expenses included for $10k. He let interested parties book now on into 2025 so I wired my deposit of $1000 to secure july21-29 in 2025.
While there if time and success allow, I would like to try and take mtn reedbuck, ostrich, bushbuck and/or springbok.
I’ll take my .375 wby which I have loads worked up for 300 gr which will be good for the buffalo. I can quick Release this scope and put on a plains game scope that is sighted in with 235 bullets which would work for everything else.
OR-I could take a second rifle for the plains game. I have taken My .300 wm and. .30-06 previously and no problems there. So was thinking perhaps taking my 7mm-08 and 150 gr ablr. On this trip.
Second rifle in the same case as the .375 for travel and nonissues transporting ammunition for both. It might be in the small side for kudu but would be plenty for the others. If I take a second rifle I won’t take the plains game scope for the big gun, just its heavy dangerous game Scope and bullets.
Would be happy with any of the options, but given these options. What would YOU do?IMG_6166.jpegIMG_6141.jpeg
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I would seriously consider the 7mm-08.
Take the one you are most comfortable and confident with.

We are going to South Africa in May for sable and springbok for my wife, and kudu, nyala and bushbuck for me.
Finished paying for the hunt on Friday and am just waiting for the invoice to pay for the flights now.
We will be taking my 6.5 Creedmoor (LH X Bolt All Weather) shooting Federal Premium 130 gr Terminal Ascent ammunition.
This worked very well in New Zealand last spring for red stag fallow buck and arapawa rams from 121 to 296 yards. All were one shot kills with complete penetration, and the fallow buck travelled the farthest after the shot (jumping the low bush it was standing behind and falling about 15 yards downslope).
After talking to our African Outfitter, he confirmed that this would work just fine for our intended species. They have a 6.5 CM in camp now and they have been having great success on the larger antelope with it, including kudu and similar sized game, which he admitted he was a little skeptical about at first.
This was the rifle that most of the 70 Canadian school kids who went there last August used for their hunts (many of which was for their first hunts ever).

I had wanted to take my 338 Federal as well...and still may...just because I would like to hunt with it there. Although this will add to the costs for the extra case and baggage fees, etc.
Just buy a double rifle case. I took a 4 gun case when we went in 2001. Even though it was over 50lbs they only charged the over size fee.
Ah 2 of my favorites , 375 Wby and 7-08. You’ll be set with both of these. Good luck next year.
Congratulations on booking your safari. The 375 Wby and 7-08 sounds like a good combo to me.

I did the two scope set up on my 375 H&H years ago when shooting a 300 vs 235 grain bullet. It became more of a hassle, so I have used only the 300 grain the past 20 years.
Last year I used a two gun battery and it worked well.
Just my 2 cents
Variety is the spice of life, so they say. I see no reason the 7mm-08 would not be a great addition to the trip.
My choice for second rifle is 30/06 or 300wm, cause if you lost your baggages where ammos is, you can find ammos in nearest gun shop for those calibers.
one of the beauties of South Africa is the common practice of renting a rifle from your ph. So if your stuff gets lost you just rent the camp rifle and carry on-

I’ve given ammo to other hunters on the mountain (public land, general hunting season) before that lost or forgot or used up all their ammo. It is a laughable situation for sure.
Catherine and I are talking about our next trip. 2025 seems possible. I'll for sure be taking my 275 Rigby for the lighter stuff, I think it's a little light if things go a little sideways on kudu, but I'll also take my 375.
I think you're fine with the 708.
10k all in is a good deal on that hunt package.
Congratulations on booking your hunt. A dream for every hunter. I would take the 375 Bee and flatten everything out.
My intent was to go see some new country in Namibia. Shoot the Namibian specialties and a couple days of bird hunting then visit etosha before I came home.
When my wife realized I was serious and had the down payment in hand, she insisted she go again and could we please go back to the place we went last time. I was still contemplating this when Wik advertised this deal and I jumped all over it. Buffalo were important and on this property in the east cape you must hunt kudu. I think every trip should include the very common but wonderful impala. Bushbuck are common but the devils own to hunt so I wanted to do that again plus always want add something I’ve not hunted before. I’ve been soaking up the overtime at work and feel confident I’ll be able add a day or two to the trip and to afford to hunt some new things.
My wife wanted an overnighter at the photography park and I wanted some time there as well so this is shaping up to be another great trip.
Hope airfares don’t take away from my trophy money. . .
Good luck planning your next one!
Am just a wee bit envious... :) Health concerns are keeping me from that trip. Had the money, the outfitter and everything really well lined up.

Then the doc said I was nuts for trying to fly that far... Am going on a new blood thinner soon, so perhaps I can someday get a trip to Africa. At this point I'd be quite pleased with a smattering of plains game and a lot of photography.

Enjoy the heck out of your trip! :)

Springbock was the most challenging and enjoyable hunt for me. They are little, skiddish and hide in the grass well. Only gave me 20-30 seconds to shoot. Forst time I hesitated. Second time, pulled the trigger. If I were to go back out, I would hunt the small five. I had a 300WBY with me, didn't need it for these, but only took one rifle.
Originally, my wife was going to take her 7mm-08 for her sable and springbok, and I was going to take my 338 Federal for kudu, nyala and bushbuck.
After our experience in New Zealand on red stag, fallow buck and Arapawa rams, and then my caribou last fall, using the Federal 6.5 Creedmoor Terminal Ascent ammo for all one shot kills, and then talking to our outfitter, who has been having many new or young hunters using the 6.5 CM, as well as his own son using it successfully on several kudu and many other larger antelope species, we are confident that it will be sufficient for our trip. As always, shot placement is key. Keep distances reasonable and retained energy will provide good penetration and expansion.

A good bullet in the 7x57 should produce great results on plains game. After all it has worked well for them for many decades before the advent of modern bullets which has only enhanced performance of the round.

Interesting to hear about the challenging aspects of hunting certain species...bound to add to the adventure of the hunt! Just as I found the fallow buck to be the more challenging hunt in New Zealand, and has me wanting to go back again for this animal!
I am definitely looking forward to hunting the bushbuck, nyala and kudu!
And Susan is really excited about her sable hunt! I just hope that her springbok hunt isn't so challenging as to become frustrating for her.