Boy It's Nice

truck driver

Ammo Smith
Mar 11, 2013
Thanks to the IT guy's (Mason) and others who got the forum working like normal again.
This weekend is the first time it has been up and running on the week ends for over a month that I can remember and I do appreciate all the hard work and aggravation they went threw to fix it so we can get back to our normal conversations.
Very true. Thank you Nosler, it is very much appreciated.

Ya - I think things are much better now! Not sure what all happened behind the scenes, but it's good to see the forum perking along the way it should. :)

Thank you Nosler!

It sure is nice to have access to my "Go To" forum again. Thank you Nosler.
Well a funny thing happened.
I wasn't able to get on till mid Monday afternoon.
I'm thinking I need to log off each time I leave the forum since I had been staying logged on which could create a problem with my link to the forum.
It was down all weekend here and no issues with any other site. Pretty tough to post anything when it seems to disappear at a moments notice.
I find myself checking less frequently simply because it is hit-or-miss to get on. Weekends? Not a chance, so I don't check. Early mornings? Maybe. I appreciate that this is a Nosler site and they offer this service without charge to those participating, but it is increasingly unreliable. And in our world today, the lack of reliability is definitely problematic.
Lack of reliability has ruined many companies and small business.
I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.