Brass questions?


Apr 5, 2014
Quite a while back I purchased 100 rounds of Federal 30-06 brass from an estate sale.
It had been previously fired, some with the spent primers still in and others that look like they had been sized.
The box was marked 30-06 International and 30-06 Custom.
I was curious to check the specs on the ammo and the prepped brass had been trimmed to 2.484”.
When I measured to the shoulders with a Hornady gauge and caliper I found the fired primed brass was the same length of some other brass I had fired and full length sized.
The custom brass that was ready to load had the shoulder bumper back 10/1000”.
If I ever load it I would full length size it prior to doing so but am wondering if the bumped back shoulder would be anything to be concerned about?
I would be worried about how many times it was fired and sized back 0.010”.
I prepped 29 of the brass this afternoon that still had fired primers in place. I don’t know it the shoulders had been set back prior to these being fired but I saw no indication of brass stretching on these.

Inspecting the others with the shoulders set back there doesn’t appear to be any indication of stretching either so I don’t think they had been processed many times.
I would neck size after you fire them each time until the bolt gets snug. Then set your FL die for 0.002” shoulder bump and you’ll be set.