Ceska in 458 Lott


Nov 20, 2010
Hi I have a rifle Ceska 550 Safari Magnum 458 Lott, I would like to know your opinion about gun and caliber. I would also like to know your opinion about my idea to change this rifle (has not made a shot) for a Weatherby Mark V in 460 Weatherby Magnum, the advantages the 460 Weatherby over 458 Lott, if it actually brings some .



PS: Is there a section where you can introduce me?

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.

The CZ 550 is an excellent firearm and a force to be reckoned with in the 458 Lott. I have had 4 lotts and have plenty of reloading data and experience with them.\

If you are going to get the CZ though I would like to offer one piece of advise. Ensure your rifle has the 2 crossbolts. Earlier models did not and thus had a tendency to crack the stock under severe recoil.

The 460 is a great cartridge but terribly expensive to reload , feed factory ammo and the gun itself.
Besides there is no animal alive (or dead) that can feel the difference between the two! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Good Luck!
Hi Pop, I did not ask to buy it because I have a Ceska Safari Magnum rifle of that caliber and has two crossbolt thank God. I have the rifle some time ago but the ammunition is expensive as I have not tried the gun. I'm doing gathering material for loading cartridge refill 458 Lott. I thank you for the reply and welcome.


If you need data using a particular bullet and ot powder just let me know. OK?