CFE Pistol

Use it in 9mm with 125 HAP bullets. I'm in no way shape or form a pistol person, so take my use of it with a grain of salt, but it has performed well with no issues and good accuracy.

Also use it in a severely reduced load with light cast bullets in a 35 Whelen. Thought I liked Unique better in that application but when I stretched out the distance, I liked the results with CFE Pistol better.
Nice work. Thanks for the update on CFE Pistol.
Looks like a good one to have on the shelf.

Excellent work as usual Guy!!

I’ve been putting CFE Pistol in .38 Special loads, and with 125 gr HP bullets, it gets the same velocity as a 9x19mm round, without all of the pressure involved.
I can’t wait to use it in my .45 ACP now, with the 200 gr HP’s, and 230 gr bullets.

I would be very interested in your results with the 45 ACP.

I sure was happy with it Jim.

45 ACP​

I used a 230 grain Hornady XTP (jacketed hollow point) bullet, 6.8 grains of CFE Pistol and a CCI large pistol primer, in mixed brass. This load is near the top of Hornady’s recommended loads. It functioned flawlessly through my 1997 vintage Kimber 1911 using Chip McCormick magazines.

Testing 45 ACP at the range with CFE Pistol powder.
I noticed that the load seemed to burn cleanly and left little residue on the gun. The load produced good accuracy, reasonable recoil, and averaged 892 fps. I consider a 230 grain bullet at nearly 900 fps to be a pretty stout 45 ACP load and would not hesitate to rely on this load for self defense.
Excellent info Guy, thank you for your testing and report. You are correct, a 230 gr JHP at close to 900 fps is bad news on the wrong side of the sights.

That 44M load looks like it would do some good as a general purpose load (as much as one uses 44M for general purpose work).
Good read Guy, I have not loaded for pistol for over 10 years, i remember my Classic Hunter .41 Magnum using H110, if i can remember, slinging those 210 grain XTP at around 1600 fps, it was a boomer. I never shot it much, for a reason,,,,,H110 is so dirty especially on stainless steel. Still have 100 rounds of those in the ammo box from the 2000's. CFE should work in the .41 Mag since it worked for the .44
I have the .38 Super and .45 Kimbers, I'm itching to uncover my Dillion soon to try the CFE, hopefully. I could remember using Blue Dot in the .38 Super and Unique in the .45
To be honest, I don't shoot pistols much. :rolleyes: Maybe I should, its a pain in the butt to recover all those spent brass at the range, I normally lose a little more than half mixed in with all the brass on the floor at the range. Don't want others seeing me on my hands and knees looking for them. :ROFLMAO:
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