Classic dies for a Classic Cartridge

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006

Had some fun recently, cleaning up this set of 1968 RCBS dies and using them to load 100 rounds of 30-30 ammo.

Link to the written article & short video:

Regards, Guy
I wish I could find some 30-30 bullets, I picked up some brass from SPS.

A couple of months ago I had no trouble buying Hornady 150's from MidSouth - but ya - as hunting seasons have gotten closer... :(

It's been a couple of years now of scarce components. Rough on shooters & handloaders.

Yeah, I have a few vintage dies that are still used. They do work, don't they.

Yes they do Mike. I like new stuff as much as anyone, but it's satisfying to use the old gear from quite a while ago. Reloading tools, like rifles, can last a very long time if given just a bit of care.

Nice write up Guy, that vintage packaging and dies is a masterpiece that a collector would keep. Good to see that 54 year old die keeps on ticking. I have seen some surface rust inside a few old dies that haven't been used in a while and cleaning them up a bit is a need to preserve the smoothness of running the brass through them. I had a die that had some rust on the inside, some Kroil and very fine steel wool wrapped around a chamber mop and lightly spun with a drill would clean them up nicely.
As always very well done video.
It took awhile to find , but now I load all my Weatherby cartridges (except the 30-378 & 416 too new) with vintage Weatherby dies.
Their dies are top notch.
I wish I could find some 30-30 bullets, I picked up some brass from SPS.
If you're looking for 150gr, I ran a quick search for "Hornady 3035" and the first three websites that populated the search results all show those in stock.
MidSouth, SSM-Ammo, Grafs, ever regional retailers such as Scheel's have them in stock.
Nice old dies, and you're right, goes with a classic cartridge. Can't go wrong having either around. (y)
Will come back to this when I get some pics.... I ruined Dads original set of 7Mag dies from Herters. Mistakenly tried to Load a range pick up 7mm RUM in a 7MM rem Mag die. :mad: Dad threw em' out and bought a new set of RCBS's instead. Should have double checked the brass before I gave it to him. Believe he had 30-30 and 30-06 as well. CL