CZ 457 American 1st range trip


Nov 17, 2005
So I picked up a CZ 457 American in .22LR. I topped it with a Nikon 4-12x BDC Rimfire scope in a set of Warne Maxima 11mm dovetail rings. I had 11 different types of ammo to try and see what it would like. Vast array from the bulk remington and federal hollow points, to the CCI standard velocity and Aguila Target Competitions and everything in between. The trigger on the rifle is pretty dang good from the factory, probably 2.5-3#. But I've been reading you can get it down to 1-1.5# relatively easy. The accuracy was my main concern. All shooting done at 50 yards off sand bags front/rear. I would say it shot more than acceptable, but I honestly thought it would do better with at least 1 or 2 types. It's pretty much shooting them all around 3/4"-1" which isnt bad, but I know most CZs are capable of 5 shots touching at 50 yards. Hopefully it gets a little better as it becomes broke in some. As for now, will be saving the test target and round robin all the ammo another 5 and 10 shots to see what a 15 shot group will look like and see if there is a better picture as to what it really likes. As it is, there wasn't one that outshot the other by any considerable margin. I thought it would shoot the CCI standard velocity or the Aguila Target Competition better than what it did. The cheap bulk stuff seemed to shoot just as well, but it's only 1 five shot group so far. I think I'll just have to throw a 15-20 round group down to see what the consistency really is with what it likes.


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Ammo Smith
Mar 1, 2007
Congrats on getting your 457, looks like a pretty good start so far. My 452 likes those bulk Federal Champion loads like yours some of the other CCI loads like the standard velocity (not the Blaser though) and a few different types of Winchester hollow points from 36-40 gr. Somewhere in there you might find something that works great but You're probably right that it will probably shoot even better with a few more rounds down the tube. It's doing pretty good already though.