deer hunt / 120 Ballistic Tip


Feb 13, 2016
I hunted the past week, it was cold in the mornings but quickly heated up in the afternoons. I was in the box blind and passed on several small bucks and spikes, even a few had broken antlers and each buck was on the chase after does. I saw a nice 8 tailing a smaller buck enter the sendero and coming towards the blind from over 250 yards away, I watched through the Vortex binoculars and studied the mass and it seemed like a shooter. It quickly veered off the sendero and into the trees, the next two mornings it still eluded me and was still on the chase after some does. On the 4th day the same buck popped up in the sendero and I picked up the Creedmoor and settled a bead on it and checked to make sure its the same buck I was seeing and it was. Adjusted the focus and checked the range with my Kilo and it was at 289 yards. I waited until he was perfectly broadside and aimed at the crease of the shoulder and squeezed softly until the hammer fell. The buck dug in its heels and ran quickly into the brush. I waited 10 minutes and got in my truck and stopped about 25 yards from where I shot it and found traces of blood splatter and followed the blood trail into the trees. I could see blood smeared on cactus and on branches until I found it at about 30 yards. The 120 grain Ballistic Tip at 3,025 fps did its job nicely. It was my first Ballistic Tip in this rifle and It made an entry and exit and unfortunately no recovery. At the sight of coagulated blood which was coming out of its mouth tells me that the bullet did tremendous shock and damage it its lungs. Upon opening it and I could barely find any lungs left. I had left my phone in the trailer and forgotten it that morning and was cleaning it in the field. Ballistic Tips, once again, never failed me. (y)


Nov 8, 2006
Excellent! Sounds as if it was not just a productive hunt, but most satisfying. Congratulations.


May 26, 2018
If I were still allowed to use lead, I would load the BT or AB in my Creedmoor.
Seems it just did as expected.
The Lehigh is doing well for me, works almost as a cup and core.

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Nov 5, 2015
Good hunt with good results. I like the 120 BT in my 6.5x55. One of my favorites for our WT deer. Dan.


Jun 19, 2011
Nice story to read, thanks for sharing the details.... I felt like I was sitting there with you!

Long ago everyone and their brother in-laws used the BT's with great success! One of the greatest deer hunting bullets ever made, and they shot extremely well in most if not all guns! I took a lot of game with that same 120 BT in a 264 WM, I still use the 7mm 150 BT in my 280 AI. Why more people still don't use them is beyond me?


Sep 17, 2013
Congratulations. That was a fine shot. I killed a lot of deer with the 120 BT from a 260 Rem. pistol. Dan


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Nov 4, 2004

Congratulations on your buck. Yup, those BT's are deadly on deer.