Nov 25, 2013
Been a busy weekend hunting and having fun out in the field!
Spent a couple of days afield with my wife and Mom.
Spent Saturday in the Pink Mountain area north of Fort St John, BC, and Sunday in the south Peace area between Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge. Saw some pretty country, got stuck in a snow drift on Pink Mtn and had to dig us out; took about an hour and a half, but was a beautiful day, and then got to see a flock of about a dozen sheep - mostly ewes and lambs with a couple of 3-4 yr old rams.
We saw mule, deer, whitetail deer, moose, elk, the stone's sheep and found very fresh tracks of a large grizzly sow with a large cub. Her overall back footprint, including claw marks, was equal to the length of my size 11 Kenetrek boots. Unfortunately non of the ungulates were legal for Susan to harvest; we will continue to go out looking for her first big game animal.
The grouse hunting was pretty good too!

I had my first double on grouse Saturday where I got two birds with one shot from the Remington Sporting 28!
And not 5 minutes later, just after I finished telling Susan and my Mom that I had never accomplished that before in 45 years of hunting ruffies, Susan got a double too! A double-double!
(Not to be confused with a Timmy's coffee with double cream and double sugar! LOL)
And then she repeated the double on Sunday! Now there's Double Trouble! LOL
All in all, we put 28 birds in the freezer over the two days.

Mom is pretty excited as after living down south for so long she has a few grouse for her freezer; she hasn't eaten a ruffie in over 20 years!
Going to gift her a Cooey Model 84 in .410 for Christmas so she can hunt with her own shotgun.
Sounds like some good hunting, Gil. Congrats to all of you for the hunt.
Man that sounds like an adventure that had just about everything wrapped up in it. Good stuff. That was a trip of worthwhile and lasting memories.

Way too cool, a double 28, the you make it a double double with Susan!

All the best, Mark
Ps. Still wishing my wife would hunt with me, I’d think it would be awesome.

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Sounds like a n action packed weekend. Glad you got the triple dice. The 28 ga is a bird gun! Can't believe you said the "S" word.
Congratulations to all of you.

Doubled down again today; this time with the new Benelli Ethos 28 ga!
First shot at game with the new shotgun = two birds.
This gun is so nice to shoot!

Another great day in the mountains today...
Saw a big grizzly, a small black bear, a couple of mule deer does, a couple of whitetail does, 3 coyotes, and 8 mountain goats...and came home with 4 grouse.