E-tip vs Accubond in 338 WM

Welcome EastTNhunter I know that with this group helping you sub-moa will come quickly :wink:. I have not owned a 338WM but have a cousin that shot on for many years and he used IMR 4350 and 210 Bergers with great accuracy.
I have almost exclusively shot Accubonds for the last 10 years and have been lucky enough to have had great success with them.
I did take a mature cow Elk at a distance of approximately 500 yards, she made it back to the bush but she was piled up when we got to her. I was shooting 225gr. Accubonds over top of RL15 out of my 35 Whelen.

PS. I am glad you are able to handle such a lite rifle as the hardest thump that I have taken from a rifle was from a Tikka in a 338 WM :shock:.