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Jul 1, 2013
This is a great chance to save some money. I've seen some of the prices and they won't disappoint.

Shooter's Pro Shop wanted to give the Nosler forum members an exclusive heads up!

Starting today (9/20), ending Friday (9/23) Shooter's Pro Shop will have a flash sale on 2 products per day at significantly lower prices than they already are for 24 hours only. Each sale will run from noon to noon PST. Below are the products and day's that they will be on sale. If you know anyone that might be interested, let them know.

Starts 9/20 at noon PST
16321gb 2nds Partition 6.5mm 140g SP (50ct) $21
40052gb 2nds Ballistic Tip Ammo 6mm Creedmor 95g BT SP (20ct) $25

Starts 9/21 at noon PST

44848gb 2nds HG 9mm 115g JHP (100ct) $13
26725gb 2nds Custom Comp 6.5mm 140g HPBT (100ct) $20
40034gb 2nds Expansion Tip Ammo 308 Win 150g ET SP (20ct) $27

Starts 9/22 at noon PST
- Leaked prices, SPS might get mad ;)
53505gb (2nds-RDF-6.5mm 130g HPBT (100ct) $25
40065gb 2nds Ballistic Tip Ammo 30-30 Win 150g BT SP (20ct) $25
10070gb 2nds Nosler Custom Brass 223 Rem (50ct) $20

No rainchecks or backorders. Once the sale ends, it ends.
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