Sold Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler


Mar 5, 2019
I got this FA wet tumbler to dip my feet into wet tumbling. I liked the results so much, I recently bought the larger version. I purchased the screen lids to strain the dirty water out and will be including them with this kit. This tumbler works perfectly, and unlike some of the reviews you'll read it the lid doesn't leak. I used the Southern Shine chips but Ill be keeping them for use with the new tumbler. I mainly tumbled 20 to 50 pieces of centerfire rilfe brass at a time and it was perfect for that. I assume you could fit quite a bit more pistol brass inside it but I never had a need for that. This would make someone a great starter kit to get into wet tumbling. If your on the fence then give it a try, I dont think you'll be dissapointed.

I havent checked shipping prices yet, but Im going to assume it will be cheaper to ship this via UPS but if the buyer prefers Ill check with the postal service. No matter what shipping company is used, Ill split the shipping with the buyer or if its less than 15$ Ill just cover it myself. If your interested, Ill need your address to give you an accurate shipping price.

So, Im selling everything you see in the picture minus the ugly floor rug for $ 70. If you want it then please claim it and then follow it up with a PM and we can discuss the payment / shipping details.

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