Getting all the pieces together...


Jan 14, 2008
I went about this backwards. I decided I wanted a big 7. I went with the 28 Nosler. Started getting brass as I found it on sale. Have a few boxes of bullets, 175gn LRAB and Berger 195. Couple boxes of loaded Nosler ammo. I'm glad I waited on this since I was going to go with a Christensen or Nosler rifle with carbon barrel. I kinda realized that this rifle was not going to be one of my serious hunting rifles. So spending that kinda of $$ was not really what I needed to do. So I backed down on the $$ and I went with a X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long Range Hunter. Swapped the trigger with a Timney. Got Talley single base/ring. I found a Bushnell Forge on sale. Boyds At-1 stock Coyote color should be here Thursday. So when this is all done and said...I should be around 25% of what I was going to spend on this. Best part of this whole exercise is I found RL33 in Cour D'Alene. Had to make a road trip but I have it now.
My first rifle was a Rem 700 7mm Rem Mag. I bought that from an uncle. My ex-wife hocked that before I could get it back from her. That was a early 70's vintage with stainless barrel and beautiful walnut stock. I load for a buddy with a STW and it just has got the juices going for a big 7 again.