Getting old(er)


May 26, 2018
So it finally happened.
My boys (18 and almost 16) live with their mum.
The younger has a girlfriend now for a few months and this weekend, she stays with us.

What shall I say? Nice girl - optics and character.
And she shoots!!!!!
Took me back a few decades seeing them cuddle on the couch while we watched a movie.
I guess she won't be the last (unless he is very lucky, I have friends who are together for 35 years now, but that's more of an exception these days).
Not sure yet, if it makes me feel old(-ish), or just happy that he seems to be moving forward and ended up being a young man, that girls seem to like. Guess a bit of both....
PS: our house is rather large and they have space on their own.
Still feels a bit weird to knock on every door down the hall in my house to go in and ask when they would like to have dinner (BBQ roe deer). But I can get used to that...
Today I will check if she has some muscle. I am punching out floor tiles and need hands to move that stuff out.
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Congratulations, that is a fun time as long as things work out, wait until they make you a GRandpa. That my friend is the best part of life
The cycle of life continues...
And when we think about it, it really wasn't all that long ago that we were in the same place...but a lot has changed in the circumstances of life that each new generation faces, and the new conditions that they are subjected to. This makes their challenges slightly different then ours were , and it is good to remember that.
I know it has been an interesting 10 years watching my daughter grow from teenager into a woman, and going through her various relationships. She has been with her current beau for over 2 years now, and who knows when they'll be ready for their nexts steps...