Good neighbors.


Mar 6, 2017
I know not everybody can say this where they live, so I can only hope that most of you are in the same boat.

I've thought about this numerous times in the last several yrs as it seems some things keep getting crazier.

You know with all this mess that's going on sometimes, I live in an area that to this day my truck sits in my driveway day or night whether I'm home or not, with my keys in it.

Car is parked in an unlocked garage with the keys in it. We do lock the house up when we leave, just habit if somebody wants in they'd soon find a way.

I got 2 neighbors close enough that I could hit their house with a decent slingshot, that both told me don't worry, you wont run out of primers if you need some. I wont say how many they got, but enough, and will sell me a brick if I'd need it.

I'm no farmer but last yr I put out a 1/5 of an acre of sweet corn. One neighbor plowed it for me, another sowed it for me, and plenty of others told me how to best care for it. I got 425 dozen from a 1/5 of an acre. Yes you heard that right. 425 dozen. I sold over $1000 worth of corn and had enough left over to feed 12 families with corn that they put away for the winter and it didn't cost them anything.

Yes sir, easy to gripe in today's world, but I live amongst the heart of America, and darn grateful for it.
Very Nice! We have good neighbors, and I could hit their houses with a well thrown rock, but wouldn’t.

When we retire, I hope to have a gentleman farmers garden...

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Yeah, good neighbors are a blessing. They are like an extended family. Dan
NYDAN":1uhrdjxn said:
Yeah, good neighbors are a blessing. They are like an extended family. Dan
Definitely a blessing. I believe one must be a “good neighbor” to have “good neighbors”.
Like you I rarely locked my detached pole barn until this past winter. Found someone had decided they needed my freezer beef and venison worse than I. Got me to thinking about what they could've and didn't steal, tools equipment and such of much greater value. Hmm?

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