Grand Daughter's 2nd Deer for 2011

Larry in SD

Nov 8, 2004
Kenzie, her little brother, my wife and I decided to go out west tonight to see if Kenzie could get her 2nd Deer for 2011. We headed out of Rosholt at 3:08PM, and drove the 21 miles to our hunting spot. This hunting spot is a full section of land all in CRP with a rail road right of way cutting it in half (the rail road right of way runs east to west). I drove down the rail road right of way to the spot we normally park and as I was turning around two deer got up out of the ditch about 30 yards in front of us.

I immediately shut off my Blazer and got Kenzie in position with her moms 18 1/2" Stainless-Steel Ruger KM77RFP MKII .308. One of the deer ran northwest out into some thick CRP while the other one ran south a few yards and stood in the tall grass facing us. As (what turned out to be a button buck) turned and ran I bleated a few times to no avail. The little buck made a circle and came up on the rail road right of way about 125 yards west of us. Kenzie was ready so as I bleated the little buck stopped and the .308 barked. At the shot the little buck went straight down in his tracks.


The above photo is not very good (I guess I need some lessons in photography) but in it are Kenzie, her little buck and her little brother Alex.

Grandma, Kenzie and Alex helped me with the field dressing chores. To be honest I am not totally sure where Kenzie hit the little buck as I did not see a hole in the rib cage. I am thinking maybe she spined him but will know more when I skin the little buck tomorrow.

This was too easy. From the time we left Rosholt to the time we were back in Rosholt ready to hang Kenzie's little buck in the garage was 1 1/2 hours (and it is 21 miles each way to our hunting spot). Oh well I guess that makes up a little for the one I had to search for for 3 hours after the shot.

Thanks for reading.

Awesome! Congratulations to Kenzie. She did a great job. 8)

Congratulations to Kenzie. Perhaps that deer realised the danger Kenzie presented and simply gave up the ghost. Perhaps word spread that she is a crack shot! :grin: Good job, Larry. You're a first rate guide.
Congratulations to the young hunter! Was she shooting from standing, unsupported? That's tough to do well. Seems you guys had a fun, short winter hunt!

Photos into the sun often look like that, better to get the sun behind the photographer, or to one side. Still, it's pretty dramatic.
Thanks guys.

She was shooting from a rest. Yes I realize about the sun now. Guess I should have known that.

Congrats to your Grand daughter! Officially jealous of you and your SD tag! Photo Makes me homesick. :) CL
Nice work! She shot a bigger buck that I did this year. I love seeing kids get their critters with a good clean shot.
Thanks guys. Kenzie spent all afternoon yesterday trying to decide what she wants to make out of her deer and by the end of the afternoon I think she finally figured it out.

First and foremost I was told I have to cube up the backstraps for her. Kenzie's grandma does a great job of making breaded steak tips out of venison backstrap that Kenzie just loves. Next on the list was having buddy John make some of his excellent jerky. I would imagine the rest will go into the trimming bucket for making sausage later on once the second part of the season is over.

This morning Kenzie filled out an application for another youth deer license. Not sure if she will receive the tag this week or not but hopefully by next Monday. Yep we are going to spend Christmas Vacation doing some hunting.

Kenzie and I went out yesterday to do a little scouting and I managed to bag a Coyote. BTW we did see quite a few deer also so our trip was very worthwhile.


It sounds as if Kenzie recognises a good thing when she sees it. A grandma's cooking is hard to beat, and breaded steak tips sounds pretty good. Of course, jerky and sausage can wake up taste buds almost anytime. You'll have to post your wife's recipe for the breaded steak tips.