A Great Deer Season


Sep 17, 2013
My close friends and I had a great deer season this year on the two farms we hunt. In roughly chorological order:

Caleb T. shot this 8 Pt. in archery season.
Caleb T Archery Buck.JPG

I followed with this 9 pt. archery (crossbow) buck.
Dan Archery Buck.JPG

Ashley T. shot this 8 pt. on the opening day of gun season. She used a 308 with 150 gr. BT handloads.
Ashley and Buck.jpg

A few minutes later Caleb T's father, Ed, shot this buck with a 30-06 and factory ammo.
Ed T Buck.jpeg

At 2:00 PM I shot this 8 pt. with the 7mm WSM and 150 gr. ABLR.
Dan Rifle Buck.JPG

A couple of days into the gun season, Caleb C. filled an antlerless deer tag. But we didn't take a photo of it.

Days later, Caleb C. filled his buck tag with this 7 pt. buck shot from the barn hay loft.
Caleb C Buck1.jpg

Caleb C.'s brother, Ethan, took a very large doe in nearly the same location as Caleb C. took his buck. However, Ethan shot his doe from a blind instead of from the barn hay loft.

Then Caleb T. filled his buck tag with this 8 pt. using a 300 WM with 180 gr. BT bullets.
Caleb T Rifle Buck1.JPG

Next, Caleb T. guided his younger brother, Josh, to his second ever buck.

Josh Buck1.jpg

A friend, Brian, of both Caleb T. and Caleb C. took a six-point buck. But, I don't have a picture of it.

In the last week of season Caleb T. took this nice doe that Caleb C. had spotted bedded down while he was bringing in firewood. Caleb C. stopped at Caleb T.'s house and picked up Caleb T. and the boys and they rode up the tractor road in the wood trailer. When they got to where the deer had been bedded, Caleb T. slid out of the back of trailer and Caleb C. drove the tractor further up the hill. Caleb T. spotted the deer browsing nearby and shot it with the .308 Win.

Caleb T Doe.jpg

Lastly, on Thursday afternoon, I shot a doe at 322 yards with the 7mm WSM and 150 gr. ABLR. We didn't take a photo of it.

All together we took 13 deer off the two farms. Those of us who wanted mature bucks got them, and the less experienced hunters all took better bucks than they did last year.

It was a great year for my friends and me.
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An excellent season indeed, Dan. It does appear that all did very well. There will be ample victuals in several households. (y)
It was a great season indeed. Congratulations to everyone on their success.

Congratulations to each and everyone. Looks like a good time was had by all and some good eating to be had. Dan.