Grandson scored


Apr 5, 2014
My Grandson got a good Blacktail buck this morning. I wasn’t with him but he reports a double lung shot from 200 yards and down right there.
He was shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor Savage Trophy Hunter with one of Grandpa’s 140 AccuBond loads. For an entry level rifle, I find the Savages are very good shooters right out of the box.
Pretty good results for his first morning in the woods chasing the Coastal Blacktails.
Proud Grandpa for sure.



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Congratulations to your grandson on his buck. Excellent shooting and glad to hear that he used one of your hand loads. Proud Grandpa for sure!

That’s a dandy looking buck right there. Congratulations to that young man on a job well done.

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Congratulations to your grandson on the nice Blacktail buck. Nice shooting!

You have every right to be proud.
If I understand correctly, that is a good sized Blacktail! Maybe its the wet country, but those Dark bucks and dark antlers surely are handsome. Congrats on the great memories! CL
Great buck! Congrats to him on some fine shooting. I’m with cloverleaf, I love the dark horns on bucks.

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Congratulations to the young man!

Hopefully he keeps notes on all his hunts… by the time he’s our age.. he’ll have a really cool legacy to pass to his grandkids..

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Congratulations to your grandson. He did well and has every right to feel proud. And grandpa has every right to be proud of his grandson. (y)
I hope that my sons start hunting before I have grand-kids old enough.
But I like others having success with ammo I made almost as much as scoring myself

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That is a great buck! We moved from Oregon just prior to me being old enough to start hunting. I would love to go back and get a black tail some day!

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