Had to put down my dog today

Thanks again guys. It's been a few days. I'm doing better.

Mama Miner had a "Clark moment" last night and needed a tender hug. She misses him too.

Guy, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am also sorry that I am a week late on seeing your post. They say that someone's life is successful if they brought joy to someone else. Clark certainly brought joy to your family's life making him a great success.

Always a hard day but worth the years of good days. I feel for you, I put my lab/Dane down last summer. Still a hard memory but 14 years of great times offset the hard time.

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Really sorry to hear about Clarke..........(my sons name)
They say you only ever get "one good one" but I have found that not to be true. He was obviously a very special
dog and I know exactly how your both feeling so our deepest sincere condolences.
We lost our oldest Setter in early March of 14 years and 10
months of constant companion........... The only known cure I know of for sorrow; is a puppy to take his place when the time is right.......20190609_195429~2.jpg
From an old hunting book:
"Dogs are the best trade man has ever made,
We give them what spare time and food we can spare,
They give in return; their "everything".
Oh Guy-!! My sympathies. From all you wrote Clark was truly a good dog and brought you much enjoyment. It has been said that, "if a man cant find something to like about every dog there is probably something wrong with the man...". However there are some dogs that are special. Over the years, many dogs "had me", and I was around when many of them were put down. As you know some times it is the only right thing to do but it is never easy. I am glad that you had so many good memories with Clark. As with all our friends they give us good things to remember and ways to count our blessings. We had to put "Smoke" down 37 years ago when my grandparents moved to town do to Grandpa's failing vision. Smoke was about @14 when this photo was taken just months before that happened. I was in college and had just met the girl who became my wife. She still talks about the first time they "met". Smoke crawled in the car (something he never did) over me, and laid his head in her lap. Some dogs are special. Again, sorry for the loss. CL

Thanks Cloverleaf & all.

Ya, he was a good dog. The hurt is lessening. However, I still find myself looking and listening for him.

Guy sorry for your lose. Had to put 2 down myself and will have to do it again shortly. It's hard and the house isn't the same without a dog around. No matter how bad of day your having they still make you laugh.
You have my deepest sympathies.
Never got to meet the Clarkster but from what I’ve read he sounds like a heck of a great dog.


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Thanks Vince. He was a pretty special dog and we do miss him.

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My sympathies. I've been down this road myself in recent years, and I know it can be difficult.

Thanks. It's been a month now. We all miss him.

Sorry for your loss sako. I am certain Annie has given you some very special memories. We treasure the special memories our “granddog Golden, Sarah” gave our family.
Wishing you comfort Sako! Great dogs leave a mark. I miss my Shepard and Retriever both.

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sako2":19udwecd said:
Had to put Annie our golden retriever down today. R.I.P. Annie

Well that makes for a sad day. My condolences.

My condolences sako2 on the loss of your golden they really do become family. As many have said at the right time another pup might be the cure (y).
A little over a year after we lost our Lab and my pride and joy we decided it was time for one last pup :wink: she has been way more work than any of my previous hunting partner but I am starting to see a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel :lol:
Kona is her name and it is my first Flatcoat all my others have been Labbies.
Here is a photo at 14 months now (y).

Blessings, Dan


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