Had to put down my dog today

In the Hunt test world I have been somewhat ridiculed for attempting to train a Flatty :shock:.
Now just so you know I am a rookie at this as well :oops:.
Anyways the above photo shows Kona on mark and about to do a 75 yard actual dead duck retrieve, well the shot was fired the duck hit the ground & Kona was gone in a flash directly to the fallen bird she commenced to pick it up and then tossed back in the air let it drop then calmly went over and did about 1/2 dozen rolls on it left the bird and came back to heel :roll:.
Oh well thank my Lord she is cute :mrgreen:.

I’ve been off the site for some time so this is late. But, still worth the condolences. Dogs are wonderful animals and are a hard loss. I have had dogs all my life and worked them in the military as a young man where they have saved my skin on more than one occasion. They are some of best people I have known and I’m very sorry for your loss. Just a suggestion and some advice only because you mentioned cancer and it brings to mind how my sister lost her Spinone. Not saying that you do but if you treat your lawn cut back or stop. I’ve owned bird dogs and hunting dogs and they all love to root around like pigs smelling the ground. My sister lost her dog to cancer and the vet stated it was likely due to the treatment she put on her lawn. Dog died at seven years old. Cancer in the nervous system and even in its nose. This was a vet at Michigan State University. I don’t put anything on my lawn but water and more grass seed.

Again, sorry for your loss. I was once told that the reason dogs don’t live long is because unlike us people they understand the meaning of life and don’t need as much time here to figure it out.
Sorry for your loss. In my 70 years, I’ve had to put down my fair share.
God created dogs to teach mankind how to love.

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Hey Guy,
Sorry for your loss my friend. I lost my Black Lab sometime ago. First time out hunting ducks after he passed was real difficult. I feel your pain. Hopefully your pain will ease with time. Wishing you much comfort at this time.