Handguns & rifle & shotgun quals today!

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Yee Haw! What a great afternoon at the range. Normally I'm running the range and the other guys are qualifying, but today was my first official trip to the Police Range this year and I was getting tested. Too cool. It's always fun to be shooting while the clock is running.

There's a lot more to it than just shooting. At every stage I had to loudly announce "Police! Drop the gun!" Or something along those lines. Had to be moving and shooting the whole time, using cover, clearing dummy-round induced malfunctions in my guns. Good stuff. All modest range shooting. The AR-15 at 50 yards was the longest shot, and other shots were withing boxing distance of the target. I even got a real nice gunpowder spatter on the target with one shot from my .45 from mere inches. Love it.

First up was the new Bushmaster AR-15, qualified with my personal rifle. It shot well. 100% reliable, and more than sufficient accuracy. Very nice rifle to shoot. Someday I'll dress it up with some sort of optics. EOTech, or a low powered scope or something... For now, it's bone stock and shooting fine.

Next the 12 gauge "less lethal" bean-bag equipped Rem 870. Always fun. I like shooting those things. One of my partners was a big body-builder type - he's not real fond of the single point sling I put on our Rem 870's recently. Even with it fully extended, the dang thing barely fits around him. Hmmm. May have to do something about that.

Then the .45 Kimber. Very good run on our 30-round qual course. 27 shots in the 10 ring, two in the seven ring and one off the silhouette! My first left-handed shot at 25 yards, from behind cover. Doggone it!

Last was the 2" .38 special S&W. What a neat little gun. Shot very well. I don't do enough double-action revolver shooting. Still, it went very well with that little rascal.

Fun. Fun! Fun!!! :grin:
I can imagine that your day was fun. Sounds great, and it is always good to know that the LEOs are working with their weapons.
Sounds like a great day Guy! My most favorite times in the Army were when we were on the range or shooting in mock villages.
Guy, If you got that many in the 10 ring you're shooting tooooooooo sloooooooo. :grin: