How fast is too fast for a Nosler ballistic tip bullet?


May 13, 2020
Shot a good group the other day .781 inches out of my 270 with the 130 gr Nosler ballistic tip. Powder was Reloader 17 at 55 grains and I got an average velocity of 3125 fps. I have never gotten close to that velocity in my 270 so I was very surprised. I was hoping for approximately 3000 fps. My question is, will the ballistic tip hold up fine at that speed?
My experience with Nosler Ballistic Tips is to make sure if using a high speed round like a 7 STW pushing a 140 grain NTB at 3400 plus fps, is to make sure its broadside if doing lung hits, not angled towards it. I once hunted impala with the 7 STW, and never used the Ballistic Tip with it again. Impala was angled away walking, and the bullet hit on the last rib angled towards the opposite shoulder which resulted in the bullet exploding on impact but did not drop at the spot, but made a very devastating wound and shortly was found a quarter mile away. Another time I hunted deer and blackbuck with the Ballistic Tips, I ran the bullets through both lungs while broadside and it sure dropped them dead lightning fast. I switched to Accubonds or the Swift Scirroco and never looked back after the impala experience. As for velocities of 3200 fps or less, as JD mentioned, or less then its fine, just try to stay off bones. I always run the NBT at the crease of the shoulders for double lung shots and those bullets have been devastating on small to mid sized game. Ballistic Tips have been my go to bullet in most of my rifles to hunt South Texas game except for nilgai.

ReloadKy, you will be fine at that speed for small to medium sized game.
That velocity you re attaining with the 130 gr BT is optimal. Where I ve typically loaded my 270 s too !!

Follow Dr Mikes guidance!
I drive my 130's to 3,240 FPS in my 24" tube. Last season it exited a large buck broadside at 50 yds.